Global Industrial Smart Sensors Market

Smart Sensors for the Fourth Industrial Revolution : Molding the Future of Smart Industry with Advanced Technology

With the rapid growth of connected technologies, the industrial world is transforming in a trend that conforms to a number of headlined names including the fourth industrial revolution, smart manufacturing, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). In the process as well as discrete industries, intelligent field machines have now become the norm, thanks to the…

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Global Shared Services Market 2017-2021

Top 5 Trends that are Redefining the Value Proposition in the Global Shared Services Industry

The global marketplace is undeniably becoming more dynamic and intensely competitive with each passing day. The volatile nature of the market, coupled with the rising costs across the industry verticals, is compelling organizations to concentrate more on their core competencies to enhance the quality of their services. In this light, shared services are becoming extremely…

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connected car M2M market

M2M in the Auto Industry : Smart and Safe Connected Cars with Embedded Telematic Solutions

As we arrive into a new era of digital and smart mobility, the smartphone and four wheelers are bound to interact more than ever before. Connectivity is enabling additional innovation around designs and technologies that feature in the modern vehicles. Thanks to the emergence of revolutionary technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine…

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digital transformation

Digital Transformation Services : Helping Businesses Find their Feet in a Fast Changing World

Digital transformation is undeniably ushering in a new era of business and rethinking the entire concept of customer engagement. As customer expectations rise to newer levels, novel technologies are introduced in tandem, forcing businesses at times to quickly acclimatize to the changing landscape. In this light, multi-brad Metro Shoes Ltd has been facing serious challenges…

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Assistive Technology Market

Assistive Technology Piggybacking on IoT is Helping the Disabled and Spearheading the Associated Industry

While technological innovations translate to convenience and comfort for ordinary people, the revolutionary advances in assistive technology are undeniably life-changing for individuals with disabilities. Assistive technology for the disabled can rightly assist them in speaking, typing, hearing, learning, walking, seeing, and remembering, thereby enabling them to lead more fulfilling lives. The increasing bane of human…

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Energy Drinks Market

Targeted Promotional Campaigns are Adding a Fizz to the Charged Up Global Energy Drinks Market

Energy drinks are unquestionably a multi-billion-dollar industry today, however no food and beverage category has been more controversial than them. However, persistent pressure from politicians, health professionals, and campaigners has not slackened the demand for top energy drink brands like Monster, Red Bull, and Rockstar. The energy drinks market has organically taken off over the…

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smart smoke detector

Futuristic Smoke Signals : IoT Enabled Smart Smoke Detectors Are Reinventing Home Security

Smart home technology is all about turning conventional devices into the harbingers of high-tech innovation. After a string of predictable names, it is now time for the humble smoke detector to have its go under the smart spotlight. The smart smoke alarm is a simple yet highly intuitive device that has had a bit of…

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From Prescription to Fashion : Eyewear Companies Must Realign Strategies to Remain at the Focal Center of Profitability

Gone are the times when spectacles and eyeglasses were just regarded as objects for visual corrections. Today, eyewear designs are no longer judged primarily on function, but in terms of fashion too. With a new wave of eyewear startups introducing a range of revolutionary products, what was once a nondescript sector is now being transformed…

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Hair color market

Colorful Strategy : Hair Color Market Looks to Professional Salons for Growth, Brisk Business in the Offing for Next Five Years

Hair coloring has always been a major part of the hair care industry, with the former’s contribution amounting to more than one-fifth of the global market’s monetary output.  However, never before has the industry offered such a rich selection of products, ranging from hair dye colors including semi-permanent and temporary hair color products, that are…

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