Industrial Automation Market

2018: Top 5 Disruptive Trends in the Industrial Automation Market

In the last two decades, technology has massively evolved, thereby transforming the nature of industrial and manufacturing operations. Indeed, industries are no longer entirely dependent on a human workforce for simple or complex tasks. With digitalization and IoT, industrial automation has become a competitive advantage in today’s industrial landscape. When integrated end-to-end, automated production is reliable, efficient, transparent, and…

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building automation system

Building Automation Systems: An Integral Part of Smart Buildings

The growth of smart buildings has been exceptionally slow. Technological challenges have been one major reason behind the delay in the adoption of the concept of smart buildings. But, as per our industry experts, building automation systems (BAS) has given a new lease of life to smart buildings. How building automation systems is transforming traditional buildings…

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Automation in the Automotive Industry

Automation in the Automotive Industry: Major Trends in 2018

Talk of a complex science as automation in the automotive industry, and immediately, questions about the inherent costs and the long R&D cycles take centerstage. Thankfully, advancements in this arena have been frequent and encouraging. And, in the immediate future, auto manufacturing is going to get a lot smarter and profitable, thanks to automation. In…

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IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables

Top 3 Ways in Which IoT Wearables are Changing the Face of Manufacturing

Machines are running, employees are at work, and products are being produced. However, there is an update that is entirely different from the factory floors of days past- increased connectivity with Internet of Things (IoT). Indeed, the manufacturing industry is making steady headway in adopting innovative technologies, ranging from 3D printing to robotics to smart…

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Smart Farming

The Future of Farming is ‘Smart’: Deciphering the Layers of Hi-Tech Agriculture

In today’s digital world, it is not surprising that agriculturalists turn to IoT, big data, and machine to machine (M2M) technology, to maximize yield, maintain a steady flow of food in the supply chain, and optimize efficiency. Also, as the area of arable land keeps declining and populations increase at a steady pace, it is…

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Global Industrial Ethernet/IP Market

Industrial Ethernet is Enabling Smart Automation Connectivity on the Factory Floor

From a network that was used to connect official workstations to a technology that is deployed to monitor and control the systems in the manufacturing space, Ethernet/IP technology has grown by leaps and bounds within the past decade. Today, ethernet networks are the primary solutions for industrial automation applications, thanks to their ability to enhance…

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Global Photoelectric Sensors Market

Nucleus of a Revolution: Photoelectric Sensors are Playing a Big Part in Speeding Up Industrial Automation

From packaging to manufacturing and from pharmaceuticals to the food and beverages sector, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in collaboration with big data is boosting operations in nearly every industry vertical. However, it all begins with small data from smart sensors, particularly photoelectric sensors, that are emphasized as the most apt choice for packaging, material handling, automotive,…

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IoT Inspired Smart Warehouses Are Reinventing Inventory Management

Increased connectivity is everywhere, as technology companies manufacture everything from heating systems to refrigerators, and render them smart and internet-ready. In the same light, modern warehouses are far more than just a facility in which to store inventory. Leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) and the latest supply chain management technologies, a “smart warehouse” can now…

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