Targeted Promotional Campaigns are Adding a Fizz to the Charged Up Global Energy Drinks Market

Energy Drinks Market

Energy drinks are unquestionably a multi-billion-dollar industry today, however no food and beverage category has been more controversial than them. However, persistent pressure from politicians, health professionals, and campaigners has not slackened the demand for top energy drink brands like Monster, Red Bull, and Rockstar. The energy drinks market has organically taken off over the past decade, whilst surviving monumental challenges, including the off-repeated energy drinks vs coffee argument.

Ever since extensive studies were initiated to test the quoted reliability of these beverages, there has been a surge of negative points raised against the energy drinks brands producing these soft beverages and their assertions about the positive impact of such concoctions on the human body. However, vendors haven’t let this backlash impact their revenues and have responded to the people’s concerns by introducing a wide range of energy drinks with natural, advanced and healthy ingredients.

Energy drinks brands understand the importance of positive word-of-mouth and targeted promotional activities. A popular strategy used by these vendors to reach the purported exponential growth in the global energy drinks market is the clever and regular use of promotional and advertising activities. Popular brands like Monster and Red Bull have moved beyond restaurants and pubs for promotions and advertisements – featuring in pop-culture events, motorsports, contact sports and dozens of other spheres where they get a chance to directly interact with their target audience, baby boomers and millennials alike.

Increased focus on marketing and promotional activities

When it comes to generating publicity around a product, energy drinks brands go stylishly big. From Red Bull’s wings promotions to Monster’s extreme sports campaigns, the energy drinks brands have gone beyond the public’s wildest expectations when it comes to getting a positive word out about their product. Red Bull and Monster has always been the pioneers in attracting consumers through their unique promotional and marketing activities.

Aside from catchy campaigns and sponsorships, these brands have shown a prodigious affinity for social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and such. With the prime focus on attracting millennials, these companies keep their pages updated with visual content that powerfully attracts a massive number of young consumers.

Another fundamental aspect in the energy drinks market is the incumbents’ commitment to innovation and churning out new products. Brands like Red Bull and Monster routinely alter their products to add renewed visual appeal, and popular flavors that will keep the consumers (esp. millennials) happy and craving for more. Backed by strategic social media campaigns, these novelties are assured of instant recognition and success. In the world of energy drinks, staying fresh and happening is key to staying relevant.

Cutting down the workload with market insights

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