Clean beauty trend

What You Should Know About the Clean Beauty Trend

The clean beauty trend is becoming increasingly popular in cosmetics markets around the world. Industry leaders are developing clean beauty product lines, and new brands are springing up to offer organic, natural, toxin-free cosmetics. The natural and organic personal care market is growing at an accelerating rate, with expected incremental growth of over $8 billion…

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South Korean Cosmetics Industry

What Makes South Korea a World Leader in the Cosmetics Industry?

For many years, France and Japan were considered the leaders of the global cosmetics industry. In recent times, however, South Korea has joined their ranks, becoming incredibly well known for its beauty products and bringing its own innovation and quality to the market. K-beauty products are now sought after around the world. What has brought…

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Mother's day wishes

This Mother’s Day Give a Major Boost to Your Marketing Strategy

By designing a highly customized marketing strategy for their products, stakeholders in the general retail goods & services can easily boost their sales on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Furthermore, gifting options for Mother’s Day has broadened in recent times. Consequently, the consumer goods industry has undergone many innovations to keep up with the demand,…

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halal cosmetics

Halal Cosmetics is Booming with Rising Demand for Natural Products

Organic, vegan and eco-friendly have all become the most common terms in the personal care and cosmetic industry, but halal is the latest and emerging trend. Not so long ago, the word ‘halal’ meant an activity permissible to undertake or the food that was safe to eat. However, in today’s increasingly ethical and ecologically conscious…

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anti-pollution cosmetics

Anti-Pollution Cosmetics : Popular Skincare Segment Grows Alongside the Global Pollution Levels

It isn’t news that pollution has emerged as a major problem in every country today. The dangerous levels of air pollution in urban areas has not only influenced the environment, but it also has detrimental effects on the human body and skin, resulting in dryness, rashes, premature aging, acne, age spots, and eczema. In sharp…

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Hair color market

Colorful Strategy : Hair Color Market Looks to Professional Salons for Growth, Brisk Business in the Offing for Next Five Years

Hair coloring has always been a major part of the hair care industry, with the former’s contribution amounting to more than one-fifth of the global market’s monetary output.  However, never before has the industry offered such a rich selection of products, ranging from hair dye colors including semi-permanent and temporary hair color products, that are…

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