Digital Transformation Services : Helping Businesses Find their Feet in a Fast Changing World

digital transformation

Digital transformation is undeniably ushering in a new era of business and rethinking the entire concept of customer engagement. As customer expectations rise to newer levels, novel technologies are introduced in tandem, forcing businesses at times to quickly acclimatize to the changing landscape. In this light, multi-brad Metro Shoes Ltd has been facing serious challenges in managing orders coming from multiple online platforms. Enter, IBM Watson, and the partnership between IBM’s cognitive system and Metro Shoes Ltd is overcoming the challenges faced by Metro.

“With IBM’s knowledge in the omni-channel commerce and retail space, we are confident that these changes will not only help accelerate the execution of our strategy but also give us an edge over the competition,” said Alisha Malik, Vice President, Digital, Metro Shoes. Alisha is of course, referring to IBM Watson’s staunch reputation as an enabler of productive communication between humans and machines, with an ability to multitask and solve logistical problems.

Metro’s coup de grâce could position it at the head of the line

With IBM’s technological capabilities, Metro Shoes Ltd can achieve new levels of customer insight, which can then be used not only to personalize the online experience for each visitor, but the company will also be able to display all of its brands in a single platform and recommend specific products based on insights shared by customers.

Plus, the personalized experience will comprise of new and convenient fulfillment choices such as pick up in-store, buy online, easy returns and reserve in store. As an outcome of these proficiencies, Metro Shoes will be able to appraise each visitor’s journey on the site by empowering partners with cognitive utensils which aid them to deliver omni-channel practices that engage customers under a common umbrella of digital offerings and drive more sales.

Further, Metro Shoes Ltd as a brand will also be able to integrate with more than 14 e-market platforms including Flipkart, Amazon and other leading portals. A centralized process and inventory engine will enable Metro to scale up the requirements of a growing business. Furthermore, IBM Cloud will carry the skill to configure heavy workloads and in doing so deliver the optimal performance that is vital to handle peak usage during the shopping season.

Going digital signals positive intent, and productivity follows

Industries today are game for wide digital transformations, reconsidering what customers value most and forming operating models that take advantage of popular solutions for competitive differentiation. IBM Watson has been a leader in the era of digital technologies, delivering services that offer cutting-edge benefits for companies that are willing to enter the digital sphere. Technavio helps vendors understand the mechanics of such a commitment- and as part of its associated market research report, warns the former about sticking to the traditional plan.