Futuristic Smoke Signals : IoT Enabled Smart Smoke Detectors Are Reinventing Home Security

smart smoke detector

Smart home technology is all about turning conventional devices into the harbingers of high-tech innovation. After a string of predictable names, it is now time for the humble smoke detector to have its go under the smart spotlight. The smart smoke alarm is a simple yet highly intuitive device that has had a bit of an operational overhaul, thanks to the Internet of Things. Now, smoke detector manufacturers have embraced this smart technology, with its attached bells and whistles, and introduced smart smoke alarms that lives upto its new nomenclature.

Although these smoke detectors are offered with enhanced functionalities, they face some serious and fundamental lags. Many a times, these detectors issue false alerts owing to the inputs received from such non-ominous sources as aerosols, fogging, dust, and cooking. Apart from the false alerts, the other major problem pertains to the lack of favorable infrastructure and connectivity issues. As the internet forms the backbone of IoT devices, low speeds along with latency can prove to be major roadblocks in terms of the wider adoption of these smart appliances.

Advantages of smart over traditional smoke detectors

Since the 1960s when smoke detectors were first introduced in American households, there has been constant advancements in the associated technology. With the ‘smart’ revolution, the detector is imbibed with more features and is generally more reliable and responsive. Apart from detecting smoke caused by fires, the smart smoke detectors can collect and analyze data based on various parameters, including smoke, humidity, temperature, activity, light, and carbon monoxide levels. Additionally, these smart smoke alarms can be coupled with other smart security gadgets to ensure enhanced home security.

In contrast to the traditional smoke alarm, a smart smoke detector can notify a user regarding the battery levels of the instrument, monitor the internal temperature, and issue warnings when the battery is empty or removed. Further, these can accurately detect and analyze environmental variables, such as heat and motion, using specialized and enhanced sensors. The detectors are highly interactive with just the hush of a hand serving to switch off the alerts, as and when desired by the homeowner.

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