Augmented Reality

Top 3 Trends in Augmented Reality that are Paving the Way for Digital Transition in the Education Sector

Although the concept of Augmented Reality (AR) has existed for roughly two decades, the technology has only just begun its foray into the mainstream by way of immersive mobile and desktop experiences. Not surprisingly, much of AR technology’s impact has been seen in the entertainment and marketing industry. Today, one area that is sure to…

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Halal cosmetics

Responsible, Popular and Profitable, Halal Cosmetics are Ushering in the Next Revolution in the Beauty Products Industry

With the evolution of a collective eco-ethical consciousness amongst consumers, ‘vegan’ and ‘organic’ labels on cosmetic packaging are ubiquitous. However, there is a third label that’s not quite green yet is becoming a common sight – ‘halal.’ An Arabic term which implies that said cosmetic or food products have been manufactured in line with and…

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media and entertainment storage

Chronicles of Content Storage : How the Media and Entertainment Industry is Innovating to Improve Accessibility and Reduce Damage

Time and intent – universal constants that have the propensity to heal, and damage irretrievably. This is particularly true in the case of the media and entertainment industry, wherein less than favorable storage mediums can encourage the damage of original content and render them unfit or undesirable for popular consumption. Thankfully, an entire industry is…

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Airport baggage handling

Top 10 Airport Baggage Handling System Companies : Helping Airlines Deal with their Baggage, Profitably!

On a typical trip, you just step into the airport, check in your luggage, collect your boarding pass, and wait for the flight to take off. Meanwhile, did it ever occur to you as to how airlines manage such massive volumes of baggage and see to it that there is almost ‘zero’ case of missing…

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Multicolored MRI : New Technology Will Quicken Disease Diagnosis, and Drive Robust Demand

Billions of diagnostic exams are performed across the world each year, and, MRI technology has generally been the mainstay when it comes to the non-invasive detection of ailments in a human body. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine delivers precise images that aids medical professionals in making an accurate diagnostic assessment of the patient. MRI…

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From Brick and Mortar to Digital : Retail Marketing Looks to Online Promotions and Sales for Growth

A majority of the retail businesses across the world have taken a huge leap from brick and mortar establishments to digital media within the last decade. Digitalization has led a large share of the global population to rely on their mobile devices for online transactions in their day-to-day life. Unsurprisingly, owing to the high probability…

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Top 10 Smartwatch Manufacturers : Riding the Popularity Wave for these Multidisciplinary Gadgets

From communication to health tracking on the go, an exciting device tied on the consumer’s wrist, aptly called a smartwatch, offers nearly every feature that a smartphone would typically offer. While people have been wearing timepieces for centuries, these latest gizmos bundle cutting edge mobile technology and do a lot more than just show the…

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Diabetic foods

Diabetic Foods and Beverages : A Billion Dollar Market That’s Helping Diabetes Patients Lead Better Lives

Diabetes is called a global malady that needs to be tackled with the utmost attention. It is however, tough to dodge its aggravation as there are only a few precautionary measures available. Along with regular exercise, it is extremely imperative for diabetic patients to eat the proper food. With the mounting cases of diabetes and…

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Sports and Wanderlust Combine Profitably with Sports Tourism

Sports tourism, a novel terminology for an old practice of the fandom wherein people would travel from one location to another to watch their favorite athletes or sports teams play. Today, the scope of sports tourism also includes people traveling from one destination to another to participate in sports themselves. As of 2016, the global…

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