smartphone companies

Top 10 Largest Smartphone Companies in the World 2019

With the continuous digital literacy and technological advancements across the globe, innovations including smartphones have been gaining traction in the market considerably in the recent years. Furthermore, with the emergence of some of the largest smartphone companies offering products with advanced features including multiple SIMS and high-speed processors. Smart phone market players have been engaging…

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Chinese Smartphone Market

Is There Room for Another Smartphone Company in China?

The People’s Republic of China, is no more the haven for cheap and plentiful mass-produced products. It is now ground zero for the smartphone revolution. In fact, the Chinese smartphone market now hosts six of the global top-10 smartphone manufacturers, based on production capacity and popularity. It has built up infrastructure, support services and knowledge…

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Global 4G Devices Market 2017-2021

With 5G in the Works, are 4G’s Days as the Premium Communications Technology Numbered?

With the high proliferation of smartphones and tablets in all nook and corners of the world, the need for fast, reliable and scalable mobile communication networks is immense today. Fortunately, a number of big name telecommunication companies and smartphone brands are working on this problem, and seeking to bring in innovative new communication technologies that…

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Global Quantum Computing Market

Quantum Computing Moves from Theory to Reality, Ignites Future Possibilities

Quantum computing has been around for several decades, in theory, if not in practical form. The types of computers we use today – from mobile phones, tablets, and laptops to supercomputers has undeniably been a driving force in smartening the world for decades. However, there are some complications that traditional computers will never be able…

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smart smoke detector

Futuristic Smoke Signals : IoT Enabled Smart Smoke Detectors Are Reinventing Home Security

Smart home technology is all about turning conventional devices into the harbingers of high-tech innovation. After a string of predictable names, it is now time for the humble smoke detector to have its go under the smart spotlight. The smart smoke alarm is a simple yet highly intuitive device that has had a bit of…

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rugged smartphone

Tumbling to Profitability : Rugged Smartphone Market Stands Up to the Challenges

Employment in workplaces with demanding environments can be both physically and mentally exhausting, but the stresses that these job sites exert on smartphones is near catastrophic. In turn, to survive such demanding environments, a rugged device with military-grade protection is indeed the best smartphone option. Caterpillar, Verizon, and Panasonic are currently the top rugged smartphone…

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Computer Accessories: Enhancing Standard Desktops

In light of the ongoing recession, consumers and businesses have been holding off on the acquisitions of new computer systems. Rather, they are heading gradually to computer accessories as a channel of complementing the proficiency of the computers they already possess. Computer Peripherals adjoins supplementary traits to a desktop, part of which is included as…

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3d printing technology

#TechTuesday: Automotive Industry Makes the Impact With 3D Printers

Three years back, with the launch of Strati – the first 3D printed car, the automotive industry had burst into celebrations. Being one of the biggest, and undoubtedly one of the most competitive markets in the world, the automotive industry is constantly looking for innovations. And, when Local Motors launched Strati, it opened doors for…

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