top watch brands

Top 10 Watch Brands in the World by Market Share in 2020

Technological sophistication, superior quality, enhanced designs, and craftsmanship. The global watch industry – led by many top-notch watch companies and watch brands – has always been focused on innovations and evolution that inspire consumers to spend more on luxurious watches. The demand for Swiss-made luxury watches remains high owing to rapidly growing economies and rising…

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handbag brands in India

Top 10 Handbag Brands in India 2020

The handbag market in India has gone through constant transition over the last decade, thanks to the evolving consumption choices of Indian consumers, especially those reflecting their personalities. Indeed, the fashion accessory is no longer a mere necessity purchase for consumers in India, but an important component of the lifestyle shopping category. Given the growing…

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Jewelry Brands

Top 10 Jewelry Brands in the World 2018

The jewelry industry is growing leaps and bounds over the last few years, thanks to shifting consumer shopping habits, the rise in urbanization, increased spending powers and consistent innovations by world’s leading jewelry brands in terms of product designs and quality. Indeed, gems and jewelry market has become highly fragmented with the presence of numerous…

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Athletic Footwear

Athletic Footwear: Top 14 Vendors in the USA

The athletic footwear industry is on the move in the US. This astonishing growth is attributed to the wave of health-consciousness sweeping through the population. Thus, fitness-conscious customers, people popularizing athleisure as a style, gym goers and people who use sportswear during mild fitness routines, are looking for the most functional, comfortable and robust athletic footwear…

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furniture manufacturers in the USA

Top 10 Furniture Manufacturers in the USA 2018

While the US furniture market continues to be one of the largest in the world, the top 10 furniture manufacturers in the USA are dominating the market. Nowadays, furniture consumers worldwide are spending lavishly on home decor products and are aware of the cutting-edge interior design trends and unique modish furnishings. Greater brand consciousness, high penetration…

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DIY Education

Is DIY Education Generation Y’s Choice for their Kids?

With over 50% of Generation Y – Millennials – already enjoying parenthood, the focus on the most effective mode of educating their children has become increasingly important. As with every other choice made by this generation, their approach towards education is quite nontraditional. Of the various alternate learning methods, ‘do it yourself’/ DIY education seems…

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Eyewear brands

Top 5 Eyewear Brands that are Dominating the Global Market 2018

A once sleepy segment led by two eyewear brands- Essilor of France in lenses, and Italy’s Luxottica in frames- is now being transformed into a hotbed of innovation and marketing activities, thanks to the convergence of health and fashion trends, the internet, and favorable demographics. From the medical or optical side (spectacles) to a purely…

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Offline Business vs. Online Business

Offline Business vs. Online Business: Is it time to change your allegiance?

From day-to-day living to healthcare and the retail industry, we live in an era where technology has penetrated every segment of the human civilization, and the internet has become a fundamental plaything for small and large businesses. Indeed, e-commerce has become the fastest growing trend over the past decade where traditional retailing is gradually evolving…

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