MIT’s New Technology in Human Vaccine : Promising to Combine All Childhood Vaccines into a Single Injection

From birth to the early infant years, almost all parents are familiar with the fact that their young child is required to get the most vaccination shots in the shortest period of time, mainly to reduce infectious and deadly diseases. However, most of the parents today, refuse to vaccinate their child, either due to the…

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market research format

Market Research Format Sample

Market research reports play an important role in improving the productivity of a business. The information in these reports help companies to make informed marketing strategies. The goal of market research is to examine how the target group will receive a product or service. This is done by collecting, organizing, and analyzing data. Generally, a…

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Global Space Tourism Market 2017-2021

Be A Pioneer in The Space Tourism Industry. Here’s What You’ll Need.

“Space, the final frontier” thus began one of the most iconic 60’s sci-fi shows and the benefactor of the layman’s fascination with the great, empty void that stretches to infinite distances over our lovely home planet. No wonder, when the first opportunity presented itself, space tourism was already a sold concept. Space tourism today: Paper…

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Global Industrial Bluetooth Market 2017-2021

Will Industry 4.0’s Connectivity Challenges Be Answered by Bluetooth?

Over the years and across the world, Bluetooth technology has become synonymous with an accessible consumer wireless mechanism, that’s also low cost, easy to use and demands less resources to function effectively. In recent times, Bluetooth has also emerged as one of the most preferred technologies in the industrial automation space, replacing bulky wires and…

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Global Aerial Imaging Market 2017-2021

Top 3 Applications of Aerial Imaging in 2017 and Beyond

From being considered an expensive and technologically half-baked invention, to an essential and low-cost tool for a myriad of applications, today’s aerial imaging technology has evolved organically and made its presence felt in a range of industry verticals. In some cases, Aerial imaging has proved to be absolutely critical – agriculture, real estate, mining operations…

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Making Steady Inroads in Advertising, Disrupts Market with Interactive Advertisements

Augmented Reality (AR) has already become larger than life in today’s world of technology. Pokémon Go, a blockbusting augmented reality game, played by millions of users across the world, has already annexed massive interest for AR, thanks to the latter’s exhaustive range of real-world applicability. However, AR is not just about games anymore. Infact, its…

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connected car

Top 5 Trends that are Rethinking the Future of Connected Cars

There is no denying the fact that connected car technology has revolutionized the automotive industry. The automobiles today have efficaciously evolved into technological marvels, buzzing with the latest software, processors, sensors, and networks. Consequently, the future predictions for connected vehicles are all about technology. So, what are the likely features and the major technology trends…

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