trade management software

Automation Leading the Market Growth in 2019 for Global Trade Management Software

The global trade management software market has been growing at a rapid pace this decade, driven by the rising international trading activities and cross-border e-commerce businesses. Due to the immense benefits that trade management software can offer, companies are increasingly are nowadays adopting this software to plan, monitor, execute, and optimize all aspects of their…

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RPA tools

RPA Tools Market: Why Robotic Process Automation Is Critical for Modern Business

RPA tools, also referred to as robotic process automation tools, are being increasingly adopted in various sectors of businesses including banking and financial services, IT, telecom, logistics, manufacturing and healthcare. This increased adoption is mainly attributed to its benefits such as increased operational efficiency, easy management, low cost, and low labour requirement. As more and…

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big data in healthcare

Big Data in Healthcare: Higher Spending Expected in 2019

The global healthcare industry is currently booming, triggering higher demand for patient care management and medical innovations. One such major development is the adoption of big data in healthcare across the globe. Nowadays, an increasing number of hospitals and medical organizations are focusing on using big data and analytics to make healthcare services more effective,…

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3D printing trends

Top 3D Printing Trends Shaping the Global 3D Printing Market in 2019

The global 3D printing market has maintained its substantial growth through 2019, while several top 3D printing trends are expected to further revolutionize the way we adopt 3D printing technology in our industrial world. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, refers to the additive processes of making three dimensional objects by creating successive layers…

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Web Analytics Tools

Top 10 Web Analytics Tools Leading the Global Web Analytics Market in 2019

Global Web Analytics Market Growth The global web analytics market is expected to continue its strong growth throughout 2019, with several of the world’s leading web analytics tools dominating the global market. Today, web analytics has already become one of the most essential elements for businesses of all sizes. Using web analytics tools are the…

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Digital Transformation

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is evolving. New business models and massive digital transformation efforts are putting the former on the verge of an innovative phase that promises greater productivity, efficiency and lower costs. Unsurprisingly, the vast benefits that these digital innovations deliver make it crucial for manufacturers today to adopt emerging technologies in order to thrive…

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Medical Transcription Industry

2018: Innovation Powers the Medical Transcription Industry

In the past few years, there has been no dearth of innovations and technological developments in the healthcare sector. Today, every subset of the healthcare industry is recognizing the importance of information technology. Importantly, the ecosystem is prioritizing streamlined processes through digital platforms. In this digital era, where structured data and electronic records are valuable…

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OTT Streaming Market

2018: 12 Companies that will Dominate the OTT Streaming Market

Technology is innovating and improving constantly. This fact hits home the hardest when the resources we commonly use are upgraded, connected and made infinitely more accessible. Take the television for instance. The television industry has been at the leading edge of this constant digital disruption. The digital transformation of the media and entertainment industry has given…

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Marketing Analytics

Is Marketing Analytics the Secret Ingredient Missing in Your Growth Plan?

As foolproof as one would like to build the organization’s growth plan– the fact remains that often there are areas which are either unintentionally neglected or under-analysed, resulting in a negative effect on the corporate growth trajectory. Marketing analytics is the perfect tool in these situations, providing in-depth insights on what actually is working for…

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Global Aerial Imaging Market 2017-2021

Top 3 Applications of Aerial Imaging in 2017 and Beyond

From being considered an expensive and technologically half-baked invention, to an essential and low-cost tool for a myriad of applications, today’s aerial imaging technology has evolved organically and made its presence felt in a range of industry verticals. In some cases, Aerial imaging has proved to be absolutely critical – agriculture, real estate, mining operations…

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