Airport baggage handling

Top 10 Airport Baggage Handling System Companies : Helping Airlines Deal with their Baggage, Profitably!

On a typical trip, you just step into the airport, check in your luggage, collect your boarding pass, and wait for the flight to take off. Meanwhile, did it ever occur to you as to how airlines manage such massive volumes of baggage and see to it that there is almost ‘zero’ case of missing…

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supersonic jets

#Techtuesdays : NASA Works Towards Making Quieter, Greener Supersonic Passenger Jets

In a bid to make flights cleaner, greener, safer, and of course faster, NASA has launched its New Aviation Horizons initiative. Through this enterprise, NASA plans to launch supersonic passenger jets which are commercially viable and addresses the growing demand for high-speed air transit. Since 1973, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has banned the use…

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Don’t Just Fly, Soar: The Global Helicopter Tourism Market in 2017-2021

Earlier, enjoying a joyful aerial tour of the iconic places was a restricted privilege entitled only to the upper crust. Helicopters were not so easily available to everyone and the cost of leasing or renting a helicopter was extremely expensive; however, the scenario has changed at present and it has become an easy and convenient…

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The Alleviation in Aviation: Renewable Energy-Based Commercial Aviation Market in Scandinavia

Air transportation is often exposed to high consumption of energy and emissions of greenhouse gas from aircrafts that contribute a significant amount to the emission of carbon dioxide. These circumstances intensify a long-standing imperative to raise measures for the prevention of increased environmental harm through such effluent discharges. Airports and airlines have resorted to renewable…

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Luggage at airport

Roadblocks Grounding the Smart Baggage Handling Solutions Market

Smart baggage handling (SBH) solutions, is perhaps one of the best use of industrial IoT. Not only does it alleviate the pressures placed on the ground support personnel, but it also makes the entire travel experience smooth and hassle-free. This is particularly important at a time when the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has mandated…

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Three Trends Influencing Market Growth for Nano and Microsatellites

The global nano and microsatellite market is expected to grow at CAGRs of 22.87% and 25.48%, in terms of revenue and number of satellites, respectively, during the 2014-2019 forecast period. What are nano and microsatellites? Nano and microsatellites are miniaturized forms of satellites that weigh between 1-10 kg and 10-100 kg, respectively. They are the…

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