From Brick and Mortar to Digital : Retail Marketing Looks to Online Promotions and Sales for Growth


A majority of the retail businesses across the world have taken a huge leap from brick and mortar establishments to digital media within the last decade. Digitalization has led a large share of the global population to rely on their mobile devices for online transactions in their day-to-day life. Unsurprisingly, owing to the high probability of gaining customer views, retail marketers are widely adopting the e-commerce and digital platforms for posting their advertisements. Digital retail marketing is transforming the advertising sector and has become the fastest growing marketing channel at the global level.

Challenges impacting the management of digital campaigns

Although the high customer engagement rates and user-friendliness motivates the adoption of digital marketing platforms, the growing competition amongst the vendors remains the biggest challenge in the market, forcing the vendors to stay updated on the latest developments in their respective spheres and tweak their promotional strategies accordingly. A digital marketer will need an excellent plan to get that all important edge over the competition.

Plus, measuring the ROI on digital platforms is an extremely tough job as it is a long-term marketing strategy and can take companies months or years to see the benefits of increased customer loyalty and sales. Further, the global digital retail marketing industry is upgrading rapidly, with one of the major obstacles faced by companies is the need for skilled and talented workforce that adapts quickly to the latest advancements in technology. With all these tough challenges, managing online campaigns is a difficult and expert task indeed.

Synergy between marketers and innovation is the evergreen trend

The associated technology has grown at an unprecedented pace in the last couple of years, and it is being frequently upgraded. With intense competition due to a large number of vendors, the need for an effective marketing strategy is imperative to get an edge over the competitors. In recent times, mobile apps and social networking sites have facilitated the marketing effort using several sophisticated techniques.

The demand for cloud-based digital retail marketing software is at its peak due to its cost-effectiveness and easy deployment features which has encouraged many entrepreneurs and investors to test it out for themselves. The adoption of these software-based solutions and a gradual shift toward online platforms is an emerging trend in the global digital retail marketing market.

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