Multicolored MRI : New Technology Will Quicken Disease Diagnosis, and Drive Robust Demand

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Billions of diagnostic exams are performed across the world each year, and, MRI technology has generally been the mainstay when it comes to the non-invasive detection of ailments in a human body. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine delivers precise images that aids medical professionals in making an accurate diagnostic assessment of the patient. MRI has come a long way since it was first discovered in 1972. Now, the pathbreaking multicolored technology is all set to transform how MRI works.

Researchers at Western Reserve University have found and developed a new method that could make the MRIs multi-colored to amplify the detection of diseases. “This multi-agent detection capability has the potential to transform molecular imaging, as it provides a critical translational pathway for studies in patients,” said Chris Flask, associated professor at Case Western Reserve University School.

Innovation is the precursor for market growth and profitability

The standard MRI technique that has been implemented from the last 30 years comprises of a single contrast agent that is injected into a patient’s veins to help illuminate the problem components. Contrary to the conventional method, the new multicolored MRIs will enable the simultaneous detection of two contrast agents, thereby allowing medical professionals the opportunity to chart multiple characteristics of a patient’s internal organs in a single device.

Two contrast agents- one designed to show healthy tissue, and the other specifically targeting diseased tissue, will offer more information and negate the need for additional imaging. The new technique will allow for immediate comparisons pertaining to the distribution of each agent within the patient’s body. Today, a majority of the people undergo MRI scans- thanks to the incrementing life expectancy and the easy availability of these specialized machines. Thus, in light of the mounting demand for MRIs and other disease detection tools, the market research experts at Technavio peg a bright future for revolutionary medical technologies such as this.

Another positive factor is the incrementing portfolio of MRI technology. Constantly evolving, MRI will continue to be an indispensable part of the standard medical setup, yet its full range of applicability will only continue to grow. As the technology gets versatile and complex, the detection of ailments gets quicker and completely reliable, the demand for new-age MRI machines will only surge.

Market insights help vendors strategize better

As mentioned before, MRI is likely to become even more significant in the medical world as vendors continue to debut groundbreaking technologies to simplify the detection of diseases. The global market for MRI devices has a huge scope of growth in the immediate future. Technavio’ s comprehensive market research report quantifies this growth, and helps the vendor draw valuable conclusions about the market and devise strategies to profit, sustainably.