Diabetic Foods and Beverages : A Billion Dollar Market That’s Helping Diabetes Patients Lead Better Lives

Diabetic foods

Diabetes is called a global malady that needs to be tackled with the utmost attention. It is however, tough to dodge its aggravation as there are only a few precautionary measures available. Along with regular exercise, it is extremely imperative for diabetic patients to eat the proper food. With the mounting cases of diabetes and rising awareness amongst people about the ill effects of this ailment, the need for low calorie, diabetes friendly food products are enormous. This is, in turn, creating a plethora of opportunities for diabetic food manufacturers, and aiding numerous patients to better manage their diabetes.

An emerging business with strategic challenges

From low-fat dairy products to diabetic confectioneries, diabetic food manufacturers have started to offer a variety of products that are playing a big part in propelling the market forward. Nonetheless, the industry’s growth is significantly influenced by certain challenges like the expensive cost of diabetic food products and the stringent rules and regulations laid down by governments. Along with this, the industry is facing some existential concerns thanks to the nominal levels of artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes contained in these products, which ironically, can be bad for the diabetic patient’s health.

Variety and innovation are the essence of the diabetic food industry

Whether it is an exclusive food business or any other soft drinks entity, the rising awareness about diabetes has inspired business owners to produce innovative sugar-free goods while matching its taste and texture with regular food products. Along with this, manufacturers are trying to bring in additional dimensions to the market by expanding their selection of low-calories and zero calories beverages. Companies produce and promote drinks made from naturally available sugar substitutes that taste exactly like cane sugar but are less harmful.

For instance, a US-based chocolatier named Amber Lyn Chocolates offers a wide range of zero-sugar and low-carbohydrate dark chocolates that taste exactly like the regular dark chocolates. Similarly, cola drink manufacturers, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, are bringing in low-calorie colas that taste exactly like the classic Pepsi and Coke.

Expert market insights help vendors strategize better

The consumption of diabetic foods is soaring, prompting manufacturers to invest in some serious R&D that results in an expansive array of diabetic food products. The global diabetic food market is all set to witness tremendous growth in the forecast period. For an expert understanding of this event, and to better understand the variables that have an impact on this market, sample Technavio’s market research report for free from the links listed herein.