Legal Cannabis

Technavio in the News: Insights on the Legal Cannabis Industry that Triggered the Influential Articles

The legal cannabis industry is growing leaps and bounds over the last few years, thanks to a number of jurisdictions that legalized the sale and use of cannabis products in many countries across the world. The legalization of cannabis in countries like Canada and the US has prompted several companies to enter the industry and…

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Food and Beverage Industry Trends

Top 10 Food and Beverage Industry Trends That Shaped the Global Market in 2018

Very few industries have a such direct, personal connection with their consumers as the food and beverages (F&B) industry. 2018 has witnessed immense growth and complex patterns in the global F&B industry. Here are the top 10 food and beverage industry trends that, according to our expert analysts, were prominent in 2018 and will continue into…

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Bakery Market

Dough it Profitably: Top 5 Vendors in the Global Bakery Market

Ironically, it’s the global bakery market that is making the most of society’s growing insistence on healthy living. The millennials are prime demographic and their incremented disposable income is powering a resurgent and highly versatile industry. The demand for gluten-free and organic bakery items gaining steam and premium range of baked food products is finding a niche…

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Juicing Machines Manufacturers

Top 10 Commercial Electric Juicing Machines Manufacturers in 2018

You must have noticed the mushrooming of juice bars industry around your. With growing awareness about the benefits of fruit and vegetable juices, many world’s leading juicing machines manufacturers have left no stone unturned to ‘juice’ in this opportunity. High profit margins, busy lifestyle of the consumers, and growing preference for naturopathy, have pushed the market for…

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