Top 10 Airport Baggage Handling System Companies : Helping Airlines Deal with their Baggage, Profitably!

Airport baggage handling

On a typical trip, you just step into the airport, check in your luggage, collect your boarding pass, and wait for the flight to take off. Meanwhile, did it ever occur to you as to how airlines manage such massive volumes of baggage and see to it that there is almost ‘zero’ case of missing or misplaced luggage? Well, welcome to the fascinating world of the airport baggage handling system. Baggage handling systems (BHS) does more than just sort the bags and load them on the aircraft. As industrial IoT has made inroads into the aerospace industry, BHS is aggressively involved in detection of bag jams, automatic tag reader (ATR), volume regulation, and load balancing.

The airport baggage handling system companies have streamlined the entire process by adopting the latest technology and improved software which makes baggage handling transparent and seamless. By bringing sensors, beacons, IoT, M2M, analytics, and cloud-based applications on the same platform, BHS companies are redefining air travel and the airport baggage handling process. This has led to healthy growth for the smart baggage handling solutions market, as can be seen below.


The top 10 names which have opened a box full of possibilities for airport BHS are:

1) Conveyor & Automation Technologies, Inc.

A turnkey integrator and distributor of BHS, Conveyor & Automation Technologies provide state of the art baggage handling solutions. Founded in 2004, the company’s product line includes robotic case packers and palletizers, table top conveyor, and control pallets. The company’s BHS includes servo-driven arm pneumatic mechanical clamp-style tooling. CAD designing, sheet metal fabrication, lathe work, MIG/ TIG welding are other capabilities provided by the company.

2) Dalmec Inc.

A major name in the standard & custom industrial material handling equipment market, Dalmec Inc. provides cargo, air cargo, and baggage handling applications. Apart from baggage handling solutions, material handling solutions, fluid handling equipment, hazardous waste handling safety tools, and remote handling equipment, are some of its major product offerings.

3) KieTek International, Inc.

Based in Arizona, KieTek is a custom manufacturer and distributor of air cargo handling equipment & systems. The company services material handling customers including air cargo forwarders and the U.S. Government, globally. Pallet handling equipment, package handling systems, and air cargo handling equipment are some of its product offering apart from BHS.

4) Siemens Corp.

An industry major, Siemens Corp. is a global manufacturer of industrial products for building technology, energy automation, lighting, transportation systems, health care, information, communication & water technology. Its IT solutions & services include application management, business intelligence, computer technologies, consulting, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, human resource management, outsourcing, procurement, product life cycle management, RFID solutions, security services, supply chain management & system integration.

5) Hamer-Fischbein

The company is a major manufacturer of bag packaging equipment and complete systems for agricultural, milling, chemical, pet food, animal feed, building materials, mineral, food, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. Filling, weighing, handling, gluing, sealing, sewing and palletizing equipment, are the Hamer Fischbein’s major product offerings. A worldwide leader in bagging automation and turnkey bagging automation systems, the company also serves end markets like animal feed, agriculture, pet food, and building material, among others.

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6) Cage Inc.

A diversified consulting and management company, Cage is a major baggage and material handling systems supplier. The company’s primary professional services focus on planning, design, procurement, installation, and commissioning of complex automated baggage handling systems (BHS), explosive detection and trace detection systems for baggage security screening, aircraft parking, movement planning, and aircraft gates support systems including Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBB).

7) Absolute GSE, Inc.

With over 60 years of experience in the ground support equipment industry, Absolute GSE is currently one of the major names in the airport baggage handling systems market. A leading distributor of airport ground support equipment, the company’s products include tugs, air start units, baggage handling equipment, loaders, de-icers, carts, heaters, air conditioners, hydraulic power units, ice and rain protection equipment, jacks, landing gear, stands, passenger stairs, portable water equipment, pushback tractors, safety equipment and tow bar/head equipment.

8) Victor Ground Support Equipment

Based in California, the company manufactures airport ground support equipment & supplies. Along with BHS, Victor GSE also provides ground support equipment, passenger boarding equipment, conditioners, and material handling equipment.

9) Omega Aviation Services, Inc.

Omega is into selling, leasing, and repairing, ground support equipment. It provides air conditioners, jacks, baggage carts and tractors, belt and cargo loaders, chokes, dicers, forklifts, hydraulic mules, maintenance stands, tow bars and ground power units on rentals. Omega’s cargo handling belt loader systems are gas propelled & ideal for use with a variety of aircraft types.

10) FMC Technologies

FMC is the manufacturer of airside gate equipment and related airport terminal services, 25,000-pound capacity military aircraft cargo loaders, automated guided vehicle systems and aircraft maintenance solutions. Manufacturer of aircraft bulk cargo loading systems that deliver baggage, cargo & mail anywhere in the aircraft’s belly. By use of individually powered rollers, this system is extended and retracted at a 90-degree angle inside the aircraft.