Global Machine Condition Monitoring Sensors Market

Wireless Vibrator Sensors Are Helping Machines Run Longer, Signals Next Big Evolution in Sensor Technology

Manufacturers in almost every industry vertical that extensively uses machines are now focused on adopting consistent and seamless manufacturing practices. They are keeping close tabs on the machines, monitoring its functionality consistently, limiting downtime and consequently, eliminating activities that aren’t profitable. Simply put, the lynchpin of modern day manufacturing is all about increasing capacity to…

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Blockchain, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence : Modern Innovations are Rethinking the Future of Cybersecurity

If you have thought last year’s cyber breach of over three billion records was bad, this year has witnessed a fair share of nuisances of its own.  From hacks, ransoms attacks and extortion attempts this year, dozens of global brands were compromised by the organized hacking teams to the extent that some of them could…

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electric car

New Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Electric SUV in the Works, Conventional Fuel Systems May Take the Backseat Soon

Introduced nearly a century ago, electric cars today are enjoying a slow but sure surge in popularity. Depleting fossil fuel reserves and the growing awareness for nature are prompting people to choose the non-polluting electric option. From hybrid to all-electric, the demand for electric cars will continue to climb as prices drop and top automotive…

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Augmented Reality

Apple’s Next Big Thing : Augmented Reality Could Be the Difference Maker for Apple’s Upcoming iPhone

The buzz for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is sky-high at present across the world. Although augmented reality has existed in one form or another for many decades, the discipline has gained enormous popularity in recent times after the launch of AR based innovations like Pokémon Go and Google’s Project Glass, alongside similar…

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Sports footwear

Top 3 Trends That Are Changing the Game for the Sports Footwear Market

Given the rise in consumer spending patterns, and a radical shift in their perspective to prioritize comfort on the same footing as style, it is no surprise that the footwear industry is growing leaps and bounds. The introduction of innovative and comfortable sports shoes by top footwear brands, designed with precision, to meet the stringent…

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organic dairy products

Dairy, Au Naturel : Amid Health Consciousness and Concerns About Quality, Organic Spells Safety and Profitability

More and more consumers are snubbing the regular or non-organic dairy products for reasons ranging from changing lifestyles, switching to a healthy diet to concerns regarding contaminants in conventional food products. Dairy products made from organic milk eliminates the use of artificial hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals at any stage of production. Many of the top…

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Multicolored MRI : New Technology Will Quicken Disease Diagnosis, and Drive Robust Demand

Billions of diagnostic exams are performed across the world each year, and, MRI technology has generally been the mainstay when it comes to the non-invasive detection of ailments in a human body. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine delivers precise images that aids medical professionals in making an accurate diagnostic assessment of the patient. MRI…

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Diabetic foods

Diabetic Foods and Beverages : A Billion Dollar Market That’s Helping Diabetes Patients Lead Better Lives

Diabetes is called a global malady that needs to be tackled with the utmost attention. It is however, tough to dodge its aggravation as there are only a few precautionary measures available. Along with regular exercise, it is extremely imperative for diabetic patients to eat the proper food. With the mounting cases of diabetes and…

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