motorcycle infotainment systems

Reinventing the Ride with Motorcycle Infotainment Systems

Bikers around the world can rejoice– infotainment systems for motorcycles is now a reality. After cars and planes, infotainment systems are now turning into an integral part of the lucrative motorcycle industry as well. While the first phase of motorcycle infotainment systems has focused on top-tier bikes alone, Technavio’s industry analysts predict a gradual adoption…

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Autonomous Vehicles Market

Are Autonomous Vehicles Ahead of Their Time in 2018?

When we talk about the future of mobility, ‘electricity driven’ and ‘autonomous’ are the two prominent terms that immediately hit our minds. While big-name electric car companies like Tesla and Chevrolet are ensuring that electric vehicles (EVs) remain relevant, the quest for the first fully road-ready autonomous vehicles has had many contenders. It is without…

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Automation in the Automotive Industry

Top 5 Trends Facilitating Digitalization in the Automotive Industry

One of the early adopters of digitalization, investments in the automotive industry will exceed $80 billion by 2020. Herein, the provision of digitally enhanced experiences for customers is a major reason for this rise in investment. Our analysts break down the hype and bring you the top five digital automotive trends that are gaining traction…

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LIdar sensors

Automotive Lidar sensors: Where We Are and Where We’re Headed?

Over the last century, the automotive industry has been disrupted by several game-changing innovations. These include electronic control units (ECUs) in automobiles, driverless car prototypes, and more recently, shifts to the mobility paradigm with autonomous vehicles, shared business models, and increased connectivity. Automatic driver assistance systems (ADAS) and vehicle autonomy rely on a range of…

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connected car

Top 5 Trends that are Rethinking the Future of Connected Cars

There is no denying the fact that connected car technology has revolutionized the automotive industry. The automobiles today have efficaciously evolved into technological marvels, buzzing with the latest software, processors, sensors, and networks. Consequently, the future predictions for connected vehicles are all about technology. So, what are the likely features and the major technology trends…

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electric car

New Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Electric SUV in the Works, Conventional Fuel Systems May Take the Backseat Soon

Introduced nearly a century ago, electric cars today are enjoying a slow but sure surge in popularity. Depleting fossil fuel reserves and the growing awareness for nature are prompting people to choose the non-polluting electric option. From hybrid to all-electric, the demand for electric cars will continue to climb as prices drop and top automotive…

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passive safety systems

Passive Safety First : Automotive Sector Looks to Safety as the Next Big USP

Automobile safety is getting better with the advent of new technologies and car manufacturers, big and small, are investing heavily in making their automobiles safer and sturdy. Technologies that assist in preventing accidents are part of ‘active safety’ while those tasked with protecting the car’s occupants during an accident fall under the purview of ‘passive…

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