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Market Insights from Technavio is a top voice when it comes to analyzing the latest trends in the global textile and fashion market. An article featured on this portal, titled ‘Major growth of MEA kids apparel market in 2017-21’ stresses the growing influence of the Middle East and Africa (MEA) markets pertaining to kids apparel over  the next five years.

The article dove into the related market insights report from Technavio. An understanding of this complex market, with the inherent competition, challenges and opportunities, is gainfully projected in this post and speaks volumes about the growing role of the MEA fraternity in terms of numerous core commercial endeavors, including the ever-lucrative discipline of children’s apparel.Puerto Rico had been in the midst of a great natural calamity that has claimed numerous lives and greatly affected the common fabric of society. In this scenario, the loss of reliable communication facilities has had a huge impact on public safety. looked at how human ingenuity is tackling the aforementioned challenges with the help of inflatable satellite antennas. The article touches upon the execution of this simple yet highly practical solution and takes stock of the disaster response strategies currently in place.

Satellite communication is increasingly being put into action where public safety is a wide concern. Technavio analyzed this arrangement as part of its associated research, and information from this report was quoted by to support its own article.In the modern age of digitalization, social commerce is rapidly emerging as a premier tool in the typical company’s marketing arsenal. listed the top five resources relating to social commerce that are easy for businesses to adopt, are cost-effective and are worth including when a solid social strategy is already in place for 2018. To offer the associated expertise and accurate market insights, the portal quoted a Technavio market research report that provides a deep and predictive understanding of the global social commerce market.