artificial intelligence in cyber security

Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security: How is AI Transforming Cyber Security?

Cyberattacks have been widely acknowledged as the one of the top threats in the today’s digital world, leading to an increasing number of organizations and companies from around the world to leverage artificial intelligence in cyber security operations. Such applications of artificial intelligence in cyber security might still seem to be new, but they are…

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Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition Technology is Going Mainstream: Here is What You Need to Know

From science fiction to present-day reality, facial recognition technology has evolved at an unprecedented rate over time to become a key innovation in biometrics and identity recognition. Today, facial recognition technology has emerged as a practical solution to address a host of identification and verification of identity related claims. This technology has the potential to make…

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Global Cloud Security Solutions Market

Safe Cloud for Businesses : AI and Machine Learning Are Taking Out Security Threats in Cloud Computing

There is no denying the fact that the cloud mechanism has simplified data maintenance, and improved overall work efficiency of numerous organizations in an assortment of industry verticals (we’ve covered this here). Although the continued advances in information technology, such as cloud computing, is bringing abundant opportunities for global businesses, one alarming issue that lingers…

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Global Intelligent Video Analytics Market 2017-2021

Smart Cities Turn Smarter, Safer and Profitable with Intelligent Video Analytics

Across the world, video surveillance and the relational analytics is booming, and is undeniably getting smarter and intelligent with each passing year. From detecting any unusual event to recognizing a range of behaviors on a real-time basis, intelligent video analytics offers advanced monitoring capabilities that conduct sophisticated video surveillance, thanks to the high-performance servers and…

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Blockchain, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence : Modern Innovations are Rethinking the Future of Cybersecurity

If you have thought last year’s cyber breach of over three billion records was bad, this year has witnessed a fair share of nuisances of its own.  From hacks, ransoms attacks and extortion attempts this year, dozens of global brands were compromised by the organized hacking teams to the extent that some of them could…

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