Apple’s Next Big Thing : Augmented Reality Could Be the Difference Maker for Apple’s Upcoming iPhone

Augmented Reality

The buzz for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is sky-high at present across the world. Although augmented reality has existed in one form or another for many decades, the discipline has gained enormous popularity in recent times after the launch of AR based innovations like Pokémon Go and Google’s Project Glass, alongside similar projects from other top technology companies. Now, AR is all set to bring its magic to the popular iOS devices. Plausibly, Apple is about to transform the iPhone into a competent augmented reality device.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has spoken a lot about adopting Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and has been expressing his keen interest in these technologies. Earlier this year, Apple has finally revealed its plans to the world. Like Google, Facebook and Microsoft, Apple is now part of the battle to reshape the future of computing. With the introduction of ARKit in IOS 11, Apple is bringing AR to the mainstream audience, faster than anyone else.

Augmented reality, enroute to mainstream popularity

Augmented reality, like virtual reality, is mostly limited to the realm of gaming, but developers working with Apple’s ARKit are evidencing that the technology has several practical advantages that can make people’s lives much easier. AR technology used in Apple mobile will amplify the user experience with mobility and increasing technical capabilities. This will elevate the already impressive iPhone to greater heights of functionality and user experience.

Promising applications for AR : Measure and Ruler

There are several apps available in the app store that measure distance, but the accuracy and features of distance measurement applications in AR are in a league of their own. People have experienced it through Google’s Tango project, but Apple’s ARKit is better in terms of accuracy and convenience. AR measuring apps in iOS do not require additional software to work, it operates with the new upgraded version of iOS while Google’s project mandates the use of the associated software. In addition to AR Measure, there is also ARuler in the upcoming iPhone which seems to be a modest version of Measure. This application will allow users to measure the distance between two points using just the iPhone’s camera.

As of now, AR hasn’t­ really shown itself as a game changer per expectations. However, Apple’s AR launch, with a slew of practical benefits designed to amplify productivity and make people’s lives easier could showcase the real potential of augmented reality. This could just be the boost that could unleash the popular usage of AR in everyday life.

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