Will Industry 4.0’s Connectivity Challenges Be Answered by Bluetooth?

Global Industrial Bluetooth Market 2017-2021

Over the years and across the world, Bluetooth technology has become synonymous with an accessible consumer wireless mechanism, that’s also low cost, easy to use and demands less resources to function effectively. In recent times, Bluetooth has also emerged as one of the most preferred technologies in the industrial automation space, replacing bulky wires and simplifying communications on the work floor.

Bluetooth is no doubt an industrial grade technology today, offering businesses and OEMs a low cost, low power, reliable and secure option even in informal network environments thanks to Bluetooth’s Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) feature.

Industrial demands answered by Bluetooth

With the rapid advances in technology, the need to speed up automation of processes in the industries is also growing. Adoption of wireless networks (themselves a dynamic, ever changing discipline) as part of industrial communication systems aids the latter to better cope with the rapid advances. One such technology in the wireless communication space is industrial Bluetooth.

In an industrial environment, it is crucial for organizations to keep the data flowing. Today, companies must be fully equipped to receive services even in tight spaces, and against stiff impedances. They would also need interfaces to connect to each other seamlessly and offer wireless coexistence without any interference. Further, the companies need to ensure that the equipment is fast, precise as well as cost effective. It is in this context that Bluetooth finds popular favor amongst an assortment of commercial entities.

Bluetooth technology is highly versatile and scalable wherein devices can switch their roles where a slave can become a master and vice-versa. Industrial Bluetooth is robust enough to withstand critical temperatures, pressures, and vibrations, thereby making it suitable for harsh environments wherein other forms of digital communication might fail.

Bluetooth Mesh designs are empowering industrial functions

Now, Bluetooth communication protocol accurately supports mesh network standards, thanks to a recent decision by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the central body that oversees the networking standard associated with Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Mesh is a substantial development in the wireless connectivity saga. This groundbreaking technology adds new capabilities that are beyond the usual ‘star’ and ‘point-to-point’ topologies. It allows industries to enable connectivity of tens or even hundreds of nodes over a large area across multiple applications such as lighting, security and others.

The Bluetooth mesh networks are decentralized networks that entirely rely on numerous routers that connect to each other and create a network. These communication networks offer longer ranges and are highly reliable, rendering themselves suitable for several enterprise settings.

It is exciting to see how Bluetooth based smart technology will further revolutionize wireless in industrial applications. Industrial automation is ripe for the Bluetooth revolution that is propelling this industry forward and transforming entire verticals along the way. To know more about Bluetooth in the industrial context, sample the associated market research report, for FREE, via the download links listed herein.