Media Mentions: What is the Media Saying About Technavio in April?

Media Mentions

April has already proved very eventful for Technavio in the media. The company’s market research reports have formed the basis of some excellent deductive work, and media outlets have graciously quoted these insights. Here’s a peek at some of the more prominent of these media mentions.

For success in the fast food industry, be the convenient option

Global Fast Food Market 2018-2022Technavio offers a substantial list of the very latest market research reports about the global food and beverages industry. When putting together its list for the burger chains to look out for in 2018, quoted from Technavio’s report pertaining to the global fast food market.

“According to Technavio, the market for fast-casual fare is expected to hit $66.87 billion by 2020, and there are dozens (if not hundreds) of fast-casual concepts that have opened in recent years that are going to be competing for their share of the pie…” (more)

When compiling this exhaustive report, industry experts at Technavio were focused on putting the information on a silver platter (pun intended) and helping businesses make sense of the evolving landscape in the fast food industry. Fast food businesses must improve the points of interaction with their customers: pushing ‘convenient accessibility’ as their prime USP. And while at it, keep a sharp lookout for the competition.

Read the original article here.

Corporate training market is reinventing itself, again!

Global Corporate Training Market 2018-2022In today’s hyper-busy world, a job well done is the first step towards profitability. Corporate training plays a prominent role in aligning employees with the company’s goals. Consequently, it’s little wonder that Technavio’s industry report on this topic is one of our best sellers.

In an insightful article about the emerging role of managers in the domain of employee training software, had this to say:

“A report by global market research firm Technavio predicts that, worldwide, more than 80% of organizations will adopt a cloud-based LMS by 2020. One of the reasons for such widespread adoption may be that small and mid-sized businesses will be better able to afford web-hosted training software.”

And indeed, a cloud-managed learning management system (LMS) looks to be a prominent addition to the future of corporate training. We have analyzed this and four other disruptive factors in detail in our blog post on what to expect from the corporate training market in 2018.

Read the original article here.

Critical care diagnostics powered by chronic and infectious diseases

Global Critical Care Therapeutics Market 2017-2021In line with the logical chain of events, the increasing instances of chronic and infectious diseases are augmenting the demand for critical care diagnostics across the world. discuss this symbiotic relationship as part of their article and also plug Technavio’s market research report on the same topic.

“A senior analyst at Technavio explained that the compliance of rapid diagnostic analyzers with LIS or EHRs is one of the emerging trends in the critical care setting, and several manufacturers are developing software for this space.”

Read the original article here.

Technavio plays host to a diverse array of healthcare and life sciences related market research reports. Additionally, an experienced research team ensures that no trends or insights are ignored, irrespective of their longevity and impact. We expect this vertical to feature in more media mentions in the near and long term future.

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