Black Friday deals

Industries Making Headlines This Black Friday: An Analyst’s View

The flurry of holiday shopping is upon us. In the U.S, Thanksgiving marks the starting line for America’s most prominent annual holiday shopping hysteria, known as “Black Friday.” The holiday often serves as a make-or-break episode for retailers. In fact, Black Friday is when retailers look to carve out a massive chunk of the business’s…

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Fitness App

Are Fitness Apps Truly Beneficial to Our Health?

Within the past decade, we have witnessed the transformation of mobile phones from simple communication devices to complex smartphones that give end-users access to a range of information and functionalities. Subsequently, these smartphones played host to an ecosystem of tech innovations- including fitness tracking bands, wearable devices, and other fitness mobility solutions. In recent times, health…

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Chipless RFID tags

Intelligent RFID is the Gateway to Seamless Supply Chain Management

Radio-frequency identification, aka RFID, is a far reaching and transformative technology with applications in many business verticals. Be it the education sector, packaging industry, or the travel industry, RFID has simplified and synchronized the entire work process leading to better management of time and resources. Perhaps, taking a cue from these industries, stakeholders in FMCG,…

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Men's health concerns

Top-3 Health Concerns Among Men, and What’s Being Done About Them

Men’s health, often sidelined in the glare of the macho talk, has gained a lot of momentum and visibility in recent times– and, a decent quantum of credit for this development goes to the Movember Foundation. An organization dedicated to helping men lead healthy and productive lives, the foundation offers a common platform for discussions,…

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Smart Farming

The Future of Farming is ‘Smart’: Deciphering the Layers of Hi-Tech Agriculture

In today’s digital world, it is not surprising that agriculturalists turn to IoT, big data, and machine to machine (M2M) technology, to maximize yield, maintain a steady flow of food in the supply chain, and optimize efficiency. Also, as the area of arable land keeps declining and populations increase at a steady pace, it is…

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Must a Vendor of Adaptive Learning Software Also Moonlight as an Evangelist?

Yes. It’s high technology and rapid innovation everywhere the eye can see, yet adaptive learning software isn’t quite as well known or widely implemented as some of the other ‘pathbreaking’ concepts in this cadre. This, because there is a critical lack of technical expertise and infrastructure on the educational institutions’ part that has slowed down…

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