mobile payment companies

Top 10 Mobile Payment Companies Leading the Global Mobile Payment Market in 2019

The proliferation of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and many other associated digital technologies has revolutionized the world and every aspect of our lives including travel, communication, business, and almost every other thing that we do today. However, one thing which recently took the world by storm is the emergence of mobile payment apps and online…

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fitness app developers

10 Best Fitness App Developers in the World in 2018

From ordering food to getting a ride on demand, mobile applications are transforming the world, providing convenience to people across the world, and the health and wellness industry is no exception to it. Mobile apps are powering the fitness enthusiasts in planning workouts, sleep, diets, hygiene, and much more. Adding to this is the growing…

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Altcoin market

Value Proposition of Being a Player in the Cryptocurrency and Altcoin Market

In the last couple of years, no other topic has amassed such a polarized fan following as that of cryptocurrencies. Indeed, while a vast majority are curious, encouraged no doubt by Bitcoin’s impressive run in 2017, there has been skepticism as well. Bitcoin and the altcoin market aren’t universally recognized by many countries and that…

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Mobile Payments Market

Mobile Payments are the Future of Global Business: Here’s Why

Over the past few years, we have seen a wave of innovations in the payments industry, which has extended across the world. New transactional models are continuing to emerge, and conventional payment methods such as cheques, cash and credit cards are being joined by a new generation of mobile-friendly solutions. Mobile payments have become increasingly…

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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

It pays to be cryptocurrency savvy in 2018

Cryptocurrency, a revolutionary digital medium of exchanging money, has been making headlines over the past few years. Indeed, the cryptocurrency craze is reaching frenzied levels, especially after Bitcoin prices rose above the $20,000 marker last year for the first time in history. Today, Cryptocurrencies are worth close to $200 billion worldwide, having more than doubled…

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Fitness App

Are Fitness Apps Truly Beneficial to Our Health?

Within the past decade, we have witnessed the transformation of mobile phones from simple communication devices to complex smartphones that give end-users access to a range of information and functionalities. Subsequently, these smartphones played host to an ecosystem of tech innovations- including fitness tracking bands, wearable devices, and other fitness mobility solutions. In recent times, health…

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online video platforms

Top 5 Online Video Platforms Plying on the Internet

When it comes to the consumption of information over the digital media, online video platforms rule the roost. While serving as a potent broadcasting medium for businesses, entertainment companies, and self-appointed reviewers, the online video platform providers offer anyone with an opinion, the chance to reach a massive or niche audience, spread across the world….

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