Chipless RFID tags

Intelligent RFID is the Gateway to Seamless Supply Chain Management

Radio-frequency identification, aka RFID, is a far reaching and transformative technology with applications in many business verticals. Be it the education sector, packaging industry, or the travel industry, RFID has simplified and synchronized the entire work process leading to better management of time and resources. Perhaps, taking a cue from these industries, stakeholders in FMCG,…

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Memory cards

Getting SMART Helps the Memory Cards Market Survive the Competition

From the time when the pioneering memory card format was introduced, it has become an integral part of a range of electronic systems including action cameras, smartphones, music players, etc. Popularly used to extend the memory capacity in terms of storing videos, music, photos and a variety of digital files, the global memory cards market…

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SIM card market

Reinventing Mobile Telephony with eSIM : Massive Scaling & Seamless Adoption to Drive an Immensely Profitable Market

From telephones to an era of 3G and LTE services, the telecommunication platforms have evolved strongly over the decades. Herein, the SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) cards have played a pivotal role in delivering secure, identifiable and authenticated access to mobile operator networks for almost a quarter of a century. In the current digital age, SIMs…

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chipless RFID

Smart Chipless Tags : Rethinking the Future of the RFID Market

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a powerful data capturing technology which has revolutionized the world with ever-widening applications in numerous industries including healthcare, logistics, education, transportation, construction and many more.  However, as is the norm, change is constant, and the RFID technology too is in for a positive change. From the conventional RFID device embedded…

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What Gets Measured, Gets Managed: The Global RFID Market in 2017-2021

The rising adoption of automation by diverse industries and the growing concern towards safety, security, minimization of defects, asset control and tracking for proper management of business operations has led to the growing implementation of RFID (Radio frequency identification) automated systems in various firms. RFID systems are used for various applications globally. These applications are…

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