soft drink companies

Top 10 Soft Drink Companies in the World

With constantly changing consumer demands and preferences, evolving purchase patterns and rapid changes in lifestyles, the global soft drink market is changing and growing with rapid speed, while the top 10 world’s largest soft drink companies are dominating the global market. Indeed, new products are launched at a frequent rate and sometimes entire new and…

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smoothie companies

Top 10 Smoothie Companies Leading the Global Smoothie Industry In 2019

The smoothies are all the rage these days with the consistent innovation of new ingredients and never-ending expansion of new categories of smoothies that are grabbing the attention of consumers across the world. The rising health consciousness coupled with hectic on-the-go lifestyles have marketed smoothies as effective meal replacements in recent years, while top 10…

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smoothie and juice

Smoothie and Juice: Which One is Healthier?

‘Health-conscious’ has become a buzzword across healthcare and food and beverage landscape, thanks to the epidemic proportions of the obesity crisis and other rising health associated concerns, which has caused people to become conscious about their eating choices. This is prompting consumers to shift from colas to healthier options such as smoothie and juice. Smoothie and…

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tea companies

Top 10 Tea Companies in the World 2018

Consumer preferences and their consumption habits are changing drastically around the world from having sugar-laden carbonated soft drinks to healthier halos such as tea, coffee, herbals and energy drinks. These factors are creating a favorable situation for many leading tea companies across the world with the global tea market growing at an unprecedented rate over…

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Food Truck

Top 5 Reasons Why a Food Truck is the Best Bet to Make It Big in the Food Industry

The food truck industry has witnessed steady growth in the past two decades. With close to 5,000 trucks employing roughly 16,000 workers throughout the US, the food truck business is one of the fastest growing segments in the food industry. According to our experts in the food and beverages sector, the following are the five reasons…

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Food Enzymes

Top 10 Vendors in the Global Food Enzymes Market

Food enzymes are essential nutrients that are usually ignored in diet columns and health magazines. From absorption of nutrients, hormone regulation, removal of toxins and healing of wounds, to energy production- enzymes play a very critical role in helping our gut stay clean and our body stay healthy. Apart from the food and food processing…

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industrial robots

Know How the US Cuts Labor Costs with Aggressive Adoption of Industrial Robots

Industrial robotics has emerged as a major part of the manufacturing industry. From being programmed easily to adapt to new production lines to producing defect-free products, the use of industrial robotics has gained immense popularity in the US. Unlike manual labor, these robots bring down the chances of product failure drastically. Also, they do not…

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Pasta: From a Regional Cuisine to Being the World’s Favorite Food

Pasta is a traditional Italian food that has gained immense popularity across the world. It is made from unleavened dough, usually contains ingredients including wheat flour, semolina, and water mixed with eggs, corn, farina flour, rice, and spices. The traditional Italian pasta is a versatile food product which can be flavored as per the consumers’…

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