food delivery market

Food Delivery Market: Technological Advances Facilitating Market Growth

Food delivery service is gaining immense popularity in metropolitan cities around the world as the market for ordering through online food delivery apps or websites has witnessed a recent surge among millennial consumers. This increasing popularity of food delivery services is mainly attributed to rapid internet penetration, quick access to smartphones, and simplified online payment…

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Top 10 Food Delivery Companies in the World 2019

Food delivery services have become a convenient option for millennials to get prepared food from their favorite restaurants delivered at their doorsteps with just a few clicks on their mobile phones or computers. Purchasing food through online food delivery companies, especially their mobile apps, have soared over the recent years with increased internet penetration, quick…

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Food Truck

Top 5 Reasons Why a Food Truck is the Best Bet to Make It Big in the Food Industry

The food truck industry has witnessed steady growth in the past two decades. With close to 5,000 trucks employing roughly 16,000 workers throughout the US, the food truck business is one of the fastest growing segments in the food industry. According to our experts in the food and beverages sector, the following are the five reasons…

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Food Service Industry

How Best Can the Food Service Industry Gear up for Christmas 2017?

The food service industry is always looking for ways to make the most of the Christmas season. Christmas 2017 will showcase a combination of both traditional and modern approaches when it comes to hospitality and improving industry offerings. Herein, we list out the innovations and functional improvements that will help the food service industry approach…

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coffee shops

Rust, Rain and RTD are Set to Disrupt the Coffee Shop Experience : What’s Leading the latter’s Fightback?

Truth be told, coffee and smoking are the last great addictions indulging the modern-day society. The keyword here is ‘addiction’ and relates directly to the millions who find solace in a hot cup of coffee, at any time of the day, from a personal decanter or from the cultural phenomenon that is the local coffee…

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Beer dispenser

Tapping the Ale : Beer Dispenser Market Grows Symbiotically with the Global Beer Industry

Talk about instant gratification- beer to the rescue. However, before this iconic bubbly could be toasted and serenaded with, it had to be decanted. Herein, beer dispensers chimed in and the rest, as is said often, is history. Today, the beer dispenser industry is fizzing up, sitting atop great possibilities and basking in the success…

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Fresh or Frozen But Filled With Flavor; Commercial Food Display Cabinets in 2017-21

The production of food and beverages has seen an upward trend with the rise in population and subsequent increase in the demand for food products. But with such large-scale production of different varieties, flavors and types of food and beverages, the end-users are worried about storage and quality of such products. This makes it inevitable…

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