Pasta: From a Regional Cuisine to Being the World’s Favorite Food

Pasta is a traditional Italian food that has gained immense popularity across the world. It is made from unleavened dough, usually contains ingredients including wheat flour, semolina, and water mixed with eggs, corn, farina flour, rice, and spices. The traditional Italian pasta is a versatile food product which can be flavored as per the consumers’ taste and preference.

The convenience offered by pasta food products together with dried pasta as well as the chilled and fresh pasta will have an immense impact on the growth of the global pasta market regarding both value and volume.

Spotlight on pasta: Balancing health and convenience

Even though pasta and related products are gaining popularity in many countries around the world, the industry has some major hurdles to overcome.

Firstly, with the commercialization of food, especially ready-to-make and convenience food, the use of preservatives and additives has increased which has negative effect on the human body. Consumers have the perception that canned and chilled pasta products contain more preservatives to preserve the pasta for longer. This has negatively affected their market demand.

Secondly, the false claims by few vendors about their product offerings, preservative content, ingredients, and others can potentially create a negative impression in the minds of consumers. This is another significant hindrance which is effecting the growth of this market.

Lastly, consuming wheat-containing products sometimes causes wheat allergy; the human body generates an antibody against the protein that is present in wheat. As pasta is primarily made from wheat, this will have a high impact on the growth of the global pasta market.

Competitive Landscape: A passion for pasta

The global pasta market is dynamic with the presence of many regional as well as international players. These vendors compete in terms of pricing as well as when it comes to launching new product varieties. Over the past few years, the industry has also witnessed an increasing number of mergers and acquisitions, where major companies have acquired small companies to gain access to the local markets and consolidate their leadership. Barilla, De Cecco, Ebro Foods and Nestlé are some of the prominent vendors that are dominating the global pasta market.

Technavio’s take

The Italian cuisine – pasta is quite popular around the world, and the future of this industry looks positive. However, there are certain challenges that can act as a deterrent to the growth of the global pasta market.

Technavio has completed a comprehensive research on the global pasta market based on their in-depth market analysis. The report contains the detailed insights of the industry including key drivers, emerging trends, as well as the challenges that the global pasta market is currently experiencing.

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