Top 10 Vendors in the Global Food Enzymes Market

Food Enzymes

Food enzymes are essential nutrients that are usually ignored in diet columns and health magazines. From absorption of nutrients, hormone regulation, removal of toxins and healing of wounds, to energy production- enzymes play a very critical role in helping our gut stay clean and our body stay healthy.

Apart from the food and food processing industry, plant enzymes are also heavily used in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, bakery items, and confectionary. As global health consciousness increases and people become more aware of the importance of natural enzymes, leading vendors in the food industry are rolling out enzyme supplements.

Here are the top 10 food enzymes companies that are shaping the future of this dynamic market-

1) DuPont Danisco

Known as “innovative solvers”, DuPont Danisco is based in Denmark. Its huge product portfolio includes soy proteins, probiotics, emulsifiers, dairy cultures, antioxidants, and dietary fibers, apart from food enzymes. Dairy enzymes, bakery enzymes, fish processing enzymes, along with oils and fat processing enzymes, are some of DuPont’s other major product offerings.

Not only do Danisco’s products improve the freshness, quality, and texture of food products, they also reduce the water and energy consumption of food processors.

2) Amway

Global Food Enzymes Market 2018-2022A leading name in the consumer goods industry, Amway is a center for health, skincare, and home products themed innovation. Digestive enzymes are retailed by the company under the brand names- eSpring, ARTISTRY, Nutrilite, XS, Ribbon Store, and Legacy of Clean.

Amway recently introduced a new product range called BodyKey, which uses natural enzymes to build a full-fledged weight management plan.


This German company is one of the largest producers of chemicals in the world. BASF enzymes LLC is one of the pioneers in the development and commercialization of high-performance enzymes that are used in industrial processes. It is through Fermic, a US FDA-approved synthesis and fermentation plant located in Mexico City, that BASF manufactures and retails its range of commercial enzymes.

4) Novozymes

A world leader in bio innovation, Novozymes holds a dominant share in the global enzymes market. Aside from industrial enzymes, the company also focuses on microorganisms, and biopharmaceutical ingredients. Novozymes recently adapted its enzymatic processing for omega 3 processing in fish oils. The company is currently mass-producing enzymes for 40 industries, including household cleaning, food production, and agriculture.

5) DSM

This globally renowned scientific company has been making headlines since 1906, with the discovery of Amylase. With 100+ years of experience in the formulation of new enzymes for the food industry, DSM is among the global leaders in the enzymes market.

Brewers Clarex, Maxilact, and BakeZyme, are some of DSM’s major product offerings. While Brewers Clarex has helped eliminate the costly cold stabilization process, Maxilact is used to break down the lactose component and enable the creation of lactose-free dairy products. BakeZyme, on the other hand, is used to keep bread soft and fresh for long by delaying crumb staling during storage.

6) Amano

The Japanese company produces medical as well as food and industrial enzymes. One of the leading specialty enzyme producers, Amano’s products are used in chiral synthesis, dairy products, breads, seasoning, alcoholic drinks, as well as diagnostic kits.

7) Nutritech

Nutritech provides affordable and sustainable solutions for future food factories and intelligent nutrition. The company offers innovative food solutions by developing feasible and sustainable enzyme technologies.

In some of the latest research, Nutritech has demonstrated how enzyme treatments can improve the foaming properties and colloidal stability of plant proteins.

8) AB Enzymes

Based in Germany, AB Enzymes offers food grade enzymes for vegetable oil seeds processing, baking, and the concoction of beverages. The company also manufactures enzymes for animal feed and technical applications in the textiles, laundry, and paper industries.

AB Enzymes holds the distinction of inventing the first enzyme for the food industry in 1934, and the first enzyme for the milling and baking industry in 1958.

9) Roche

The global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, Roche is also a leading manufacturer of food enzymes. Aside from manufacturing food and pharma enzymes, this Switzerland based company also serves a broad base of healthcare facilities and practitioners to ensure the diagnostics and therapies it delivers meets the medical needs of this generation and those of future generations.

10) Aum Enzymes

Aum Enzymes specializes in industrial technical grade enzymes that are produced through submerge and solid-state fermentation. Apart from plant based enzymes, Aum also manufacturers enzymes for leather, animal feed, alcohol, and the starch processing industries.

In summation- The food enzymes market has immense potential,even in emerging economies in the APAC and EMEA regions. The demand for non-GMO enzymes will continue to increase in 2018, as the trends show.