organic dairy products

Dairy, Au Naturel : Amid Health Consciousness and Concerns About Quality, Organic Spells Safety and Profitability

More and more consumers are snubbing the regular or non-organic dairy products for reasons ranging from changing lifestyles, switching to a healthy diet to concerns regarding contaminants in conventional food products. Dairy products made from organic milk eliminates the use of artificial hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals at any stage of production. Many of the top…

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Diabetic foods

Diabetic Foods and Beverages : A Billion Dollar Market That’s Helping Diabetes Patients Lead Better Lives

Diabetes is called a global malady that needs to be tackled with the utmost attention. It is however, tough to dodge its aggravation as there are only a few precautionary measures available. Along with regular exercise, it is extremely imperative for diabetic patients to eat the proper food. With the mounting cases of diabetes and…

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Food safety and hygiene

This Week in the News : Food for thought with Safety, Hygiene and the Allure of Building a Healthy Food Brand

A number of interesting discoveries happen each day- and if said discovery concerns the one food item that might be making you obese, that’s very favorable news. Aside from this bit of enlightenment, the week that was saw the erstwhile queen of daytime talk shows announcing the launch of her own food brand. Plus, some…

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Cinnamon : The Undisputed Champion of the Spices and Seasonings Market

Centuries of strife, perseverance and perfecting of established traditional methods have established the global spices and seasonings market. Herein, cinnamon is gaining the maximum love, thanks to its rise as a preferred seasoning agent. Today, cinnamon is not only used by bakery vendors as a valuable ingredient in many food items like baking products, coffee,…

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