Quack Business : Top 5 Global Producers of Duck Meat

duck meat

The global duck meat market by revenue in 2016 was valued at $8.98 billion and is expected to reach a value of about $11.23 billion in the next five years. The global duck meat market is expected to grow at a steady pace driven by the demand for processed and packaged foods among consumers. Nutritional benefits associated with duck meat is the primary USP.

However, threat from the vegan population and other meat products will be hindering the market growth. Other factors like clean labeling, using of leftover duck meat parts, and the effect of experience sharing among consumers will also be impacting the market’s growth during the forecast period.

Meanwhile, herein are the top 5 duck meat vendors, globally, as identified by the industry analysts at Technavio.

AJC International

AJC is one of the global leaders in selling and purchasing poultry, meat, seafood, swine, vegetables and fruits. It has about 15 offices located worldwide with local management. Its offices are present in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. It has built a large global network of specialists in duck meat processing. AJC products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide. Its brand, Golden Phoenix, retails various meat products.

Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL

Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) is a leading agro-industrial company. It operates in more than 16 countries and exports products to more than 30 countries from Thailand. Charoen Pokphand specializes in the livestock industry and aquaculture business. Its main operations include animal farming, meat processing, preparation of semi-cooked and fully-cooked meat, production of animal feed, and more. Its main products in the feed business include duck feed, swine feed, chicken feed, fish feed, and more.

Maple Leaf Farms

The company was established in 1915 by Donald Wentzel and started as a small company to produce safe and high-quality duck foods. In its first year of operation, the company processed nearly 280,000 ducks. By 1964, it was processing more than one million ducks annually. It offers a wide range and variety of duck products, both on online and offline platforms. Its arsenal of products ranges from raw duck meat to fully cooked duck products.

Pepe’s Ducks

Pepe’s was established in 1976. It is one of the largest duck food production companies that operates in New Zealand and Australia. It processes more than 3.8 million ducks annually. The company believes in building its brand on value, quality, innovation, service, and trust. It produces both whole ducks and packaged duck products. It has been recognized and feted by various administrative bodies many number of times. In 2011, it was awarded the ‘Australian Biosecurity Farmer of the Year’ prize and was a finalist in the search for the Australian Livestock Producer of the Year.

Shandong Newhope Liuhe

The company was established in 1995 and is headquartered in Qingdao, China. Shandong Newhope Liuhe is involved in meat processing, animal feed manufacturing, importing and exporting trade, animal production, livestock and poultry breeding, and financial guarantee. It has more than 265 subsidiaries under it. Its business is based on two main industrial chains that include ducks and broilers. It also aims to process more than 200 kinds of meat varieties annually. Its duck meat is certified as a non-harmful product and has been widely awarded and recognized as a nationwide brand.

A sustainable, profitable and highly scalable business, the trade in duck meat and its associated products is expected to peak in the forthcoming years. A detailed analysis of the global market for duck meat can be gleaned from the following market research report.