Cinnamon : The Undisputed Champion of the Spices and Seasonings Market


Centuries of strife, perseverance and perfecting of established traditional methods have established the global spices and seasonings market. Herein, cinnamon is gaining the maximum love, thanks to its rise as a preferred seasoning agent. Today, cinnamon is not only used by bakery vendors as a valuable ingredient in many food items like baking products, coffee, and tea but also as a flavoring agent in several cuisines.

Future shock : Is the cinnamon industry under threat?

Aside from its increasing usage and authority, the cinnamon market is under some serious threats owing to several reasons. It begins with the challenge in the export of cinnamon due to inferior quality or not meeting the desired quality standards. The stringent regulations in different countries to maintain the quality is creating a major roadblock for the exporters. For the latter, the cost of certification that arises after following the sustainability norms is noticeably steep.

Secondly, while cinnamon has been in use for its medicinal properties and health benefits for a long time, some of its components like coumarin can also be harmful to human health. The latter is a proven cause for tumors, liver damage, allergies, and many other ailments in humans.

Initiatives : Maintaining sustainability with low cost

Maintaining sustainability per the regulations has generated critical issues for farmers during the production and export phases, forcing the governments in several countries into taking valuable initiatives. These measures aim to curb the cost and bring down the prices of certified products that results from following the sustainability norms and avoid issues like exploitation of child labor or not adhering to established standards.

Ceylon cinnamon : low coumarin content

In recent times, Ceylon cinnamon has emerged as a preferred substitute for the low-cost cassia cinnamon. Despite the lesser price, cassia cinnamon is losing out to Ceylon cinnamon owing to the latter’s low coumarin content. The negligible amount of coumarin present in Ceylon cinnamon allows consumers to use it on a regular basis. Additionally, the product delivers ample health benefits including weight loss, regulation of blood sugar levels, and helping the body fight off infections and ailments.

Market insights helps your business strategize better

With the security and capability to take risks in experimenting with diverse product combinations, the established vendors in the global cinnamon market are dominating with cutting-edge innovations.  To survive in a competitive environment and face the cut-throat competition, the vendors must distinguish their products and add unique value to them.

Technavio commissioned a market research report on the global cinnamon market recently that offers the vendors access to definitive information including key drivers, current industry trends, applications and projections for the upcoming years. This report can be sampled for free via the links provided herein.