semiconductor industry trends

Top 5 Semiconductor Industry Trends to Watch in 2019

Semiconductor industry has long been considered as one of the largest contributors in the global technological developments, and it is expected to continue its steady growth in the near future, mainly driven by several top semiconductor industry trends including 5G communication, Artificial Intelligence (AI), autonomous cars, Internet of Things (Iot) and the dominance of China….

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online auction

Online Auction Market is Booming, Backed by Artificial Intelligence

The online auction market, a newly emerged segment of the auction sector, has been witnessing a strong and steady growth in recent years. Auctions are increasingly moving to online platforms due to its numerous advantages, such as easy bidding, quick transactions, and huge flexibility in terms of time and locations. With the help of advanced…

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artificial intelligence in cyber security

Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security: How is AI Transforming Cyber Security?

Cyberattacks have been widely acknowledged as the one of the top threats in the today’s digital world, leading to an increasing number of organizations and companies from around the world to leverage artificial intelligence in cyber security operations. Such applications of artificial intelligence in cyber security might still seem to be new, but they are…

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data centre

The Top 6 Trending Data Center Innovations for 2018

In today’s world of digital disruption, where consumers are king, and real-time response is a key to any organization’s success, the need to innovate and modernize technologies that power  data centers is massive. As the pace of business increases, companies feel the pressure to deliver innovative, secure and cost-effective IT solutions that meet ever-evolving business…

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Furniture industry

3D Rendering, AR, and Computer-Vision: Digital Innovations are Renovating the Furniture Industry

The irresistible innovations in information technology have largely impacted our daily lives, industries, and global economy. Moreover, in the past few years, the retail sector , particularly the furniture industry, has been on a leading edge in order to embrace breakthrough technological innovations. Following the efficacious move from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce, the furniture industry is…

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Vending machine

Top 5 Technology Trends in the Intelligent Vending Machine Industry

The Internet and digitization are accelerating the rate of innovation and transforming multiple industries, one of which is the intelligent vending machine market. Vending machines have long been a convenient and low-cost vehicle for shrinking an entire store into a refrigerator-size revenue generator. However, most vending machines until today have been focused on collecting money,…

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