semiconductor industry trends

Top 5 Semiconductor Industry Trends to Watch in 2019

Semiconductor industry has long been considered as one of the largest contributors in the global technological developments, and it is expected to continue its steady growth in the near future, mainly driven by several top semiconductor industry trends including 5G communication, Artificial Intelligence (AI), autonomous cars, Internet of Things (Iot) and the dominance of China….

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Fiber laser

From Material Processing to Medical Applications : Fiber Laser Technology is Productively Powering a Range of Industries

Laser technology has been around in manufacturing and other industries for a long time. Additionally, the recent introduction of fiber laser, a pioneering technology by laser manufacturers has gradually transformed the traditional usage of lasers in varied applications. From marking and welding tools to laser metal cutting machine as well as fiber laser engravers, these…

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Diamond Materials: The Next Ideal Semiconductors

Along with being an integral part of ornaments, diamonds also have incredible properties that could change the way we power electronic products. When compared to the other semiconductors, diamonds have better thermal conductivity, high-frequency, and the ability to work at elevated temperatures This is precisely why diamond materials are gaining the immense attention of manufacturers…

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wireless technology

Wireless Chipset: Upgrading Wireless Communication

The recent advancements in hardware and semiconductor sector have significantly improved the scalability and functionality of real-time embedded systems which is escalating the use of wireless chipset. The wireless chipset is an internal piece of hardware located inside a wireless communication system which allows two wireless-enabled machines to connect with each other. These chipsets are…

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Interactive Flat Panel Display

Three Reasons to Get Excited About Visible Light Communication

It wasn’t that long ago that we wrote about Li-Fi, a light-based data transmission technology that might one day unseat Wi-Fi. More information about how exciting this new technology could be is starting to trickle out, following successful Li-Fi tests at an Estonian start-up. Researchers tested Li-Fi under “realistic settings” in offices in Tallinn, Estonia…

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