Data Center Liquid Cooling

Technavio in the News: Key Insights on the ICT Industry |

Market research insights are vital when it comes to creating influential articles as they add great value to content and thus help to improve the reader’s engagement with an article. Technavio ‘s market research reports are a go-to resource for journalists as they can substantiate their content pieces with reliable market insights. Last month witnessed…

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data centre

The Top 6 Trending Data Center Innovations for 2018

In today’s world of digital disruption, where consumers are king, and real-time response is a key to any organization’s success, the need to innovate and modernize technologies that power  data centers is massive. As the pace of business increases, companies feel the pressure to deliver innovative, secure and cost-effective IT solutions that meet ever-evolving business…

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Cloud Computing Technology

The Cloud : Powerful Productivity Tool Helps Businesses ‘Transform’

Be it information technology (IT), healthcare sector, education industry, the military, or the automotive sector – the one common thread among all these verticals is the “cloud.” An amazing technological innovation, the cloud no doubt has simplified data maintenance, security protocols, and overall work efficiency of organizations. Amit Sharma, in-house expert on ICT and related…

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