Furniture industry

3D Rendering, AR, and Computer-Vision: Digital Innovations are Renovating the Furniture Industry

The irresistible innovations in information technology have largely impacted our daily lives, industries, and global economy. Moreover, in the past few years, the retail sector , particularly the furniture industry, has been on a leading edge in order to embrace breakthrough technological innovations. Following the efficacious move from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce, the furniture industry is…

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Global Modular Kitchen Market

Top 5 Trends that are Renovating the Modular Kitchen Industry

As home renovations aided by smart technologies is becoming a popular trend, the kitchen too is getting a serious makeover. Today, people are bestowing immense attention on decorating and re-designing their kitchen, with aesthetically crafted modular kitchens being the latest highlight in the rapidly booming discipline of home renovation. From managing space efficiently to storing…

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Cannabis Market

When It Comes to Flat Pack Furniture, Cost and Customization Outweigh Convenience for Most Americans

Ready-to-assemble furniture has been gracing dorm rooms and testing the resilience of relationships since Ikea first introduced couches, tables and bookshelves with names like Arkelstorp, Boksel, and Klingsbo. As the name suggests, ‘ready-to-assemble’ or RTA furniture leaves the work to the cosumer, and comes flat packed and unassembled, ready to test to emotional fortitude and strenth of…

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