On-demand home services

The World’s Leading Online On-Demand Home Services Platforms

Consumers are increasingly turning to the internet when looking to buy both products and services, including things that are traditionally reliant on phone or in-person interactions. The on-demand home services market is no different: customers want to be able to book cleaning and other services online, and they want an easy way to compare prices…

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Hand sanitizer

Companies Get Creative to Put Hand Sanitizer Back on the Shelves

Hand sanitizer is one of many products crucial to the healthcare industry’s efforts to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, and like those other products, it’s been in very short supply lately. Even before the coronavirus reached more than a handful of cases in places like Europe and North America, it was becoming hard to find on…

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Vacation rental sites

Top Vacation Rental Sites in the World 2020

Vacation rental sites have proven extremely popular with renters and hosts alike. Travelers have more options open to them when planning trips: they aren’t restricted by hotel availability and price, and some people prefer the more personal experience of staying in a home rather than a large hotel. Homeowners have a way to make some extra…

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online auction

Online Auction Market is Booming, Backed by Artificial Intelligence

The online auction market, a newly emerged segment of the auction sector, has been witnessing a strong and steady growth in recent years. Auctions are increasingly moving to online platforms due to its numerous advantages, such as easy bidding, quick transactions, and huge flexibility in terms of time and locations. With the help of advanced…

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ride hailing services

Ride Hailing Services Market: Electric Vehicles are Leading to the Future

The popularity of ride hailing services continues to boom across the globe because it is a convenient, comfortable, and safe solution for door-to-door transportation. Another industry trending with a similar popularity trajectory is the global electric vehicle market. With many world’s leading car manufacturers launching their all-electric vehicles, as well as the growing environmental concerns…

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suncare brands

Top 10 Suncare Brands in The World 2018

The sun protection products are important to protect skin tanning, premature aging and prevent skin cancer. This today is well comprehended by consumers across the world and they are demanding safer, healthier, and more effective suncare products with lighter textures and improved spreadability that offers long-lasting light, water, and sun protection. Consequently, several upstarts and…

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Fragrance industry

Top 5 Perfume and Fragrance Companies to Watch Out For in 2018

From being a luxury spend  to emerging as a vital lifestyle need, perfume and fragrance products have come a long way over the past decade. Indeed, the perfume and fragrance industry has attracted huge investments throughout the world, leading to the development of innovative products. Big perfume brands have been able to change the consumer…

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Global Hair Dryer Market – All Set to Breeze Through 2017-21

The adage “First impression is the last impression” might sound too cliché but people have realised its importance and hence, have taken recourse to personal grooming. One industry that is expected to grow by leaps and bounds is the Global Beauty and Personal Care Market. Today, people prefer visiting salons and spas to look and…

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Pleasure-Focused Innovations are Boosting Condom Sales

Ultra-thin, custom-fit, biodegradable, and glow-in-the dark—there’s a condom for every taste, and a plethora of adventurous ways to wrap your junk for protection and pleasure. Even so, it’s a big challenge for vendors to keep their products interesting enough to tantalize new consumers. From sports-themed prophylactics with cheeky captions to commemorate the Pan Am games,…

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