Artificial Intelligence : Next Giant Leap in the US Education System

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us. From case-based reasoning to genetic algorithms that can solve complicated optimization problems, AI in its many forms is now a significant part of industrial procedures and our everyday lives. While AI is playing a momentous role in boosting agriculture industry, one more area where AI technology is projected to have a profound impact is the education sector.

As with augmented reality, the technology is still in its early days as an education tool. Conversely, the AI tools have the capability to enhance the quality of education at all levels by offering personalized virtual mentoring for every learner.

AI finds a niche in the US education system

It is quite certain that the US education system is the pioneer in implementing innovative education technology solutions. With the aim to improve the quality of education students receive, the US government and several other private institutions are investing a chunk of resources in increasing digitization of education. Unsurprisingly, artificial intelligence is one technology that is gaining immense attention from the public and private institutions in the US.

With this technology, faculties can identify the growing complexity of syllabuses and limited teaching time which in turn helps them to deploy more effective teaching and delivery methods to boost students’ grasping and content retention abilities.

The recent developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence are a major exception with the potential to revolutionize the way students learn, teachers and tutors teach, and how institutions drive forward the concept of learning, in the future.

AI empowered educational games

Educational games offer an interactive and engaging medium of teaching that not only generates curiosity but also motivates through reward points, badges, and game levels. Unsurprisingly, the vendors are incorporating features of artificial intelligence in games to enhance the interactivity element and improvise adaptive learning features while deploying machine learning.

Assists collaborative learning model

With the evolution of the new learning models, such as blended learning and flipped classrooms, there is a mounting focus from educators to create an environment that facilitates collaborative learning among students. While the onset of online education and an increase in the number of students have complicated the collaborative learning approach, the introduction of artificial intelligence will ease the implementation and assessment of these models.

Technavio predicts AI’s indispensable role in US education

The possibilities for AI technology to make significant contributions in any field are tremendous, and education will definitely not be left behind. Technavio’s market insights will help uncover the growth opportunities along with other lucrative areas in the artificial intelligence market in the US education sector to aid firms in elevating their business to the next level. Download your free sample copy and source the advantage.

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