deep learning companies

Top 10 Deep Learning Companies in the World 2019

The global deep learning market is forecast to maintain its growing momentum throughout 2019, while the world’s top 10 deep learning companies are expected to continue their market leadership over next five years. Since deep learning technologies help to provide machine assistance by extending human capabilities, the rising demand for improved human and system interaction…

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online auction

Online Auction Market is Booming, Backed by Artificial Intelligence

The online auction market, a newly emerged segment of the auction sector, has been witnessing a strong and steady growth in recent years. Auctions are increasingly moving to online platforms due to its numerous advantages, such as easy bidding, quick transactions, and huge flexibility in terms of time and locations. With the help of advanced…

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artificial intelligence in cyber security

Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security: How is AI Transforming Cyber Security?

Cyberattacks have been widely acknowledged as the one of the top threats in the today’s digital world, leading to an increasing number of organizations and companies from around the world to leverage artificial intelligence in cyber security operations. Such applications of artificial intelligence in cyber security might still seem to be new, but they are…

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travel and tourism

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends in The Travel and Tourism Industry

There is no denying that the role of digital technology is rapidly shifting, from being a driver of marginal efficiency to an enabler of innovation and disruption. Moreover, the travel and tourism sector has been at the forefront of digital disruption for decades, constantly changing the way people travel. Every day, new and innovative travel…

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Luxury travel industry

Top 5 Luxury Travel Trends to Pay Attention to this Christmas Season

Christmas is fast approaching. With millions of people traveling to visit family and friends, Christmas is one of the most productive times of the year for the global transport infrastructure. Indeed, the holiday season is not only a big market for retailers, it is also a rewarding time for travel companies. The tourism industry has…

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Small businesses in the UK

Top 5 Technology Trends That are Reshaping Small Businesses in the UK

Small Business Saturday is right around the corner- a day specially devoted to promoting small businesses and celebrating their contribution to the advancement of retail methodologies. The idea behind Small Business Saturday, which was initiated by American Express in the US, has been gaining momentum in the UK over the last five years. This year’s…

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