Ground Protection Mats : Shielding the Turf, Responsibly and Profitably


From oil and gas industry to infrastructure and construction sector, the perilous zones of operations in these segments demand the usage of products that can protect the surface or turf of ground from damages arising out of foot traffic, machinery and vehicles. The highly durable ground protection mats made of high-density materials are skilled at withstanding heavy loads and can also be used as temporary walkways.

The ground protection mats enable heavy equipment to pass over easily even on an uneven surface. They can be laid over muddy, sandy, snow covered surfaces, and swampland to create temporary access roads and working platforms.  These products also play a strong role in preventing environmental damage to agricultural land, heritage sites or sensitive ecosystems, and cross-contamination between sites. Herein are the emerging techniques to protect the ground surface from incessant activities.

Increasing use of eco-friendly materials

With an intent to protect the environment, the focus of manufacturers has directed towards the production of a wide range of ground protection mats that are made of eco-friendly materials such as wood, rubber, and polyethylene. The adoption of these recycled materials offer wide-ranging benefits that include cost reduction and reduced landfills with no compromise in the durability and stability of the products.

Slip-resistant floor protection mats

Owing to the harsh work conditions in industries like oil and gas, construction, landscaping, golf courses, as well as cemeteries, the number of freak accidents occurring across these sectors is on the rise, especially in areas that are covered with a film of moisture or oil slick.

These circumstances intensify the need for anti-skid mats which can reduce the risk of slips and falls. Vendors in the ground protection mats market seek to manufacture the slip-resistant protection mats using rubber-based materials that can enhance traction and inhibits moisture accumulation simultaneously.

Ergonomically designed ground protection mats

The softness or hardness of the mat surface is an important factor to consider in a work environment to ensure proper and safe movement of workers. Thus, vendors in the ground protection mats market are looking to produce ergonomic mats. The ergonomically designed mats are proficient in trimming down the probability of work-related accidents and fatalities, and it also aids in increasing productivity while saving cost.

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