Top 10 Coconut Water Brands in the US

Coconut drinks

Coconut water is a popular fruit juice drink among consumers in tropical countries. Packaged coconut water is made by extracting the liquid from selected tender coconuts. It is packed in food-grade cans, PET bottles or cartons. Coconut water has emerged as a popular ready-to-drink healthy beverage. In the last couple of years, the demand for coconut water has increased significantly, especially in North America and Europe. Coconut water has emerged as a healthy substitute to contemporary beverages owing to its high nutrition content.

The coconut water market in the US is rapidly changing as per consumer demands and preferences. The market for coconut water is highly fragmented with the presence of numerous small and large vendors. These vendors compete on factors such as price, quality, innovation, reputation, and distribution. Here are the top 10 vendors in the US as identified by industry analysts at Technavio.


The company’s offerings are classified into two categories- finished products which offer products under two sub-categories, namely, sparkling beverages and still beverages. Beverage concentrate which include syrups, fountain syrups, and concentrates such as flavoring ingredients and sweeteners are sourced to authorized bottling and canning operations, across the US.

Coca-Cola manufactures, distributes, and markets a variety of non-alcoholic beverages and the company sells its coconut water under the brand name ZICO.


PepsiCo is a global provider of foods and beverages. Its key businesses include Quaker, Tropicana, Gatorade, Frito-Lay, and Pepsi-Cola. The recent record states that as of December 2016, the company had 264,000 employees and generated revenue of $62.79 billion. It invested $760 million in R&D in 2016.

In the coconut water segment, PepsiCo markets under many product titles, including Naked Juice and Kero Coco.

Vita Coco

Vita Coco coconut water provides fresh and pure coconut water in a variety of flavors like pineapple, lemonade, peach, mango, and orange. The products are available in three sizes: 330 ml, 500 ml, and 1 liter.

Vita Coco has operations in Europe and Asia. It distributes coconut water in the US. The company uses its network of retail stores, independent groceries, and retailers in universities and airports for selling its products. It also sells through the popular online portal Amazon.

Taste Nirvana

The organization was founded with a mission to provide the best-tasting beverages using indigenous resources from Thailand. True to their mission statement, the company sources its coconuts from Thailand. Apart from coconut water, the company offers various other products such as ready-to-drink Thai coffee and Thai tea.

Raw C

Raw C is engaged in the production, packaging, and distribution of 100% natural coconut water sourced from fresh coconuts with no added sugar and sodium. The company sources its coconuts from Thailand and bottles it at the same locale to guarantee the unmistakable taste and originality.

Frolic Foods 

The company exports its products to various regions such as the US, Africa, the Middle East, the UK, and Australia. Apart from coconut water, the company offers various other products such as cocoa powder, jelly crystal, and custard powder.

C-Coconut Water 

The company offers coconut oil, coconut water, and coffee. It sources coconuts from the Philippines and Australia. The company guarantees that all its products are certified 100% organic and are free from artificial flavors and concentrates. The products are available in Australia and international markets such as New Zealand, North America, and Japan.


The company manufactures juices in various flavors such as Puna Coconut Pineapple. The company’s coconut water is naturally sweetened, infused with antioxidants, and has a low glycemic index. The products are gluten free.

Amy & Brian Naturals

The company sources its coconuts from Thailand. The products are offered in various flavors such as cinnamon, grape, and lime. Its products are packaged in aluminum and steel cans.

Pure Brazilian Coconut Water

The company retails raw, artisanal, cold-pressed, and all-natural coconut water. The company spends a portion of its sales per bottle to save a square foot in the Amazon forest. The raw materials used are handpicked Anão coconuts planted in northeastern Brazil.