Cloud Computing Market in Education Sector

Top 3 Cloud Computing Trends in the Education Sector in 2018

From shopping to socializing, traveling to learning, technology is an omnipresent factor in everything we do today. In a rapidly evolving technological world, cloud computing is an emerging trend that has firmly sunk its footprints in a plethora of industrial verticals. Importantly, the cloud is proving to be an important lynchpin in the modern education…

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smart education

Smart Education : Nudging the World towards Virtual Learning

As the world is embracing modern technologies at a lightning speed, industries including automotive, healthcare, energy and many other are open to adopting smart platforms that will redefine their business operations. Closer home, the digital revolution is undeniably marking its presence in the ever-growing education sector. Through the past decade, the education system has come…

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence : Next Giant Leap in the US Education System

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us. From case-based reasoning to genetic algorithms that can solve complicated optimization problems, AI in its many forms is now a significant part of industrial procedures and our everyday lives. While AI is playing a momentous role in boosting agriculture industry, one more area where AI technology is projected…

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