smoothie companies

Top 10 Smoothie Companies Leading the Global Smoothie Industry In 2019

The smoothies are all the rage these days with the consistent innovation of new ingredients and never-ending expansion of new categories of smoothies that are grabbing the attention of consumers across the world. The rising health consciousness coupled with hectic on-the-go lifestyles have marketed smoothies as effective meal replacements in recent years, while top 10…

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juice brands

Top 10 Juice Brands Dominating the Global Juice Market in 2019

Although not a new concept, juicing is growing in popularity and is trending yet again, thanks to the growing consumer awareness about the health benefits of juices that are extracted from the nutritional fruits and vegetables. Consequently, people are turning to healthy drinks and reducing the consumption of unhealthy beverages. This is proving to be…

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Top Trends in the Beverages Industry: Here’s What Satisfied the Consumers in 2017

The rapidly changing consumption habits have kept the players in the beverages industry on their toes – the result is a lot of experimentation to produce a range of appealing non-alcoholic drinks, along with greater marketing efforts to charm the consumers. The pace at which the drinks and beverages industry is growing makes it rather…

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functional drinks

Functional Drinks : Leading the Charge for Zero Alcohol Beverages

Non-alcoholic beverages are prodigious vehicles for food enterprises to build an incremental business. From fruit and vegetable juices to energy and sports drinks, functional beverages are a smart investment by food-service entities. The carbonated functional drinks contain organic and natural ingredients, with added vitamins for instant energy. With the growing health consciousness among consumers, functional…

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