Functional Drinks : Leading the Charge for Zero Alcohol Beverages

functional drinks

Non-alcoholic beverages are prodigious vehicles for food enterprises to build an incremental business. From fruit and vegetable juices to energy and sports drinks, functional beverages are a smart investment by food-service entities. The carbonated functional drinks contain organic and natural ingredients, with added vitamins for instant energy. With the growing health consciousness among consumers, functional drinks are gaining massive appeal with the target audience. Vendors in the global functional drinks market have started making products with less sugar and preservatives and are using natural ingredients that are good for health.

Tapping into healthy ingredients for market growth

While we all are cognizant of the fact that the functional drinks have taken off and has gained massive popularity across the world, it is prudent to know the pillars behind the growth of this popular on-the-go beverage market.

Some of the key motivating factors for the growth in the global functional drinks market as identified by experts at Technavio are as follows.

Firstly, With the constant modifications in the tastes and preferences of consumers across the world, vendors in the market are focusing more on product innovations and packaging over the last few decades. They are making significant changes in the ingredients of functional drinks to make them healthier and more appealing. The varieties in the flavors of these drinks and the types of ingredients used for different health benefits boost the global functional drinks market.

Secondly, the increase in the health consciousness not only has motivated people to eat healthy food, but also has led to the establishment of gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs. Most of the trainers in international and regional fitness centers refer functional drinks to their customers. Therefore, the rise in enrolment in gyms and health clubs is directly proportional to the growth of the global functional drinks market.

Lastly, most of the consumers worldwide are cutting the consumption of sugar and they agree that the healthy diet should be low in sugar. The increasing awareness of the harmful effects of high-calorie sugary drinks has led consumers to switch to low-calorie sugar substitutes. Sorbitol and Xylitol are the most-used low-intensity sugar (LIS) components of functional drinks. The high use of sugar substitutes in drinks has boosted the sales volume of functional drinks.

Technavio solutions : Delivering healthy insights

The global functional drinks market boasts a promising future with the presence of new and established manufacturers in the industry. However, before jumping into the fray, vendors need to properly analyze significant aspects of the market which can aid them to understand the opportunities and overcome the challenges.

Technavio’ s market insights will aid firms to acquire the best practices in their business while designing effective strategies to combat the challenges that are likely to impede progress.

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