healthcare logistics

Healthcare Logistics – Prescribing Stable Productivity to Chaotic Supply Chains

The hospital’s triage, operating room scheduling, and emergency medical services in healthcare industry act as regular roadblocks that demand precise planning with regards to logistics and operations research. Healthcare is one of the largest growing industries that employs optimization tools. The healthcare industry enlists the help of logistics to manage the way resources are stored, acquired…

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What does it take to Flash the Perfect Smile? (Self Esteem and a USD 3 billion Industry)

The human smile. Mesmerizing, attractive and highly overrated. With age and sustained abuse, our teeth loose their sheen, sport a dull color and are a universal source of embarrassment. Thankfully, the specialty of Teeth Whitening is right on tow, and more and more people are rediscovering their charming smiles thanks to fifteen minutes spent daily…

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