electric vehicle

This Week in the News : Regulators, Cancellations and Trump in the Global Automotive Scene

Electric cars might save the world one day. However, this week, they were in the news for an entirely different reason. Also, a US regulator questions the vehicle control modules employed by several automotive manufacturers and finally, two prominent Japanese automakers bow to the POTUS’s diktat to ‘make in America’. Details follow – 63,000 people…

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battlefield management system

#TechTuesdays : Ace Your Defense Strategies with Battlefield Management Systems

Defense strategists are looking for stronger and meaner ways to ace their enemies. State-of-the-art equipment backed with latest developments in the digital technology has provided the much-needed edge to the defense technology. Counter unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), hypersonic missiles, and battlefield surveillance radars, are high in demand in the global defense market; at the same…

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Special Purpose Machinery : Pushing Manufacturing Productivity to the Max

From hand production methods to machines and the rise of smart factory systems, the industrial revolution has pointedly marked the transition to new manufacturing procedures. With the upsurge in demand for metal parts in machinery, especially for the production of automotive components, a number of specialized machinery were introduced to process metal parts including the…

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Agriculture M2M : Elevating Agri-business to New Heights

As the world population, and the associated global consumption of food are both rising at an unprecedented pace, the resultant pressure on farmers to match the demand is undoubtedly a major concern in the agriculture industry. So, how can farmers boost the productivity? While the agriculturalists continue to feed the world, a wide range of…

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organic coffee

Pick-Me-Up Minus the Chemicals : Why Organic Coffee is Taking Over?

‘Organic,’ the word in itself make us feel safe, right? Yes, it indeed does and the growing awareness about the benefits of organic food is driving a multimillion dollar industry. Unsurprisingly, like many organic foods and beverages, organic coffee is denoted as being ‘safer’ than its non-organic variant and is already a favorite amongst its…

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Gems and Jewelry : From Adornment to Fighting Inflation

Gone are the times when gemstones and jewelry were associated with just adornments and symbolized social status. With its existence since the time of civilization, jewelry has undoubtedly undergone a massive transformation in terms of its design, and the actual usage. Now the jewelry manufacturers amend its design patterns according to the changing consumer fashion…

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Intraocular Lens (IOLs)

Intraocular Lenses : Choice Solutions to Rebuild Failing Vision

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), currently, there are approximately 39 million people in the world who suffer from blindness. Cataract remains the leading cause of these cases which can be treated with a simple eye lens replacement surgery. Cataract surgical treatment has come a long way over the past few decades and eye…

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Automotive Fuel Tank Industry : Powering up Amid the Challenges

Owing to the rising preference from automotive buyers for lightweight vehicles and to achieve a better fuel efficiency, the adoption of new technologies in terms of automotive manufacturing and its components, especially in the case of automotive fuel tanks, has incremented.  Manufacturing firms in the automotive fuel tank industry are continuously adopting the new technologies…

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