Military Armored Vehicle market

Military Armored Vehicle Market Trends: Active Protection Systems Leading the Technological Advancements

The military armored vehicle market is one of the major segments of the global defence industry and has been witnessing strong growth in recent years, mainly fuelled by the instability and unpredictability in the international diplomatic and geopolitical environment. The advances of military armored vehicle technologies, which combine innovations from sectors like weaponry, automotive, material…

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Marine Infotainment Market

Despite Challenges the Marine Infotainment Market Is all Set to Grow

After finding success in the automotive industry, infotainment systems have made inroads into marine vehicles. The marine infotainment market is one of the most proactively growing spaces, thanks to the increasing demand for cruise tourism and cargo ship activity. While the market does seem promising, there are three pressing challenges that will have to be…

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crowd control

Effective Crowd Control with Non-Lethal Weapons is Opening Up Great Demand for the Latter

The most impactful news currently hogging the airwaves is the unfortunate white supremacist agitation in Charlottesville, Va. Innocent people have been hurt, a deep-seated vile sentiment has found an outlet, and most unfortunately, an audience as well. Neo-Nazism has always existed in human society, however, now, thanks to a new wave of resentment and questionable…

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Floating Away to Profits : Winds Pick Up for the Global Parachute Market

What do skydivers and the Marines have in common? Commercial or military parachutes, of course. The impeccably constructed line that separates an adrenaline rush or successful air deployment from almost certain doom, the global parachute industry serves a very niche audience comprising of defense agencies, skydiving/adventure sports establishments and defense Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The…

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battlefield management system

#TechTuesdays : Ace Your Defense Strategies with Battlefield Management Systems

Defense strategists are looking for stronger and meaner ways to ace their enemies. State-of-the-art equipment backed with latest developments in the digital technology has provided the much-needed edge to the defense technology. Counter unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), hypersonic missiles, and battlefield surveillance radars, are high in demand in the global defense market; at the same…

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Sink or Swim : Demand for Naval Vessels Propels Global Submarine Market

Naval vessels are armed to the teeth, with a wide-range of anti-surface, anti-submarine, and anti-aircraft firearms. Although frigates and corvettes are often termed as support vessels, these are powerful ships to combat any armed conflicts at sea. With a growing number of countries adopting strategies and tactics for strengthening their combat capabilities, naval warfare has…

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