Assistive Technology Market

Assistive Technology Piggybacking on IoT is Helping the Disabled and Spearheading the Associated Industry

While technological innovations translate to convenience and comfort for ordinary people, the revolutionary advances in assistive technology are undeniably life-changing for individuals with disabilities. Assistive technology for the disabled can rightly assist them in speaking, typing, hearing, learning, walking, seeing, and remembering, thereby enabling them to lead more fulfilling lives. The increasing bane of human…

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smart smoke detector

Futuristic Smoke Signals : IoT Enabled Smart Smoke Detectors Are Reinventing Home Security

Smart home technology is all about turning conventional devices into the harbingers of high-tech innovation. After a string of predictable names, it is now time for the humble smoke detector to have its go under the smart spotlight. The smart smoke alarm is a simple yet highly intuitive device that has had a bit of…

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wireless sensors market

Profitable Future for the Wireless Sensor Industry : Powered by Internet of Things and Wearable Devices

Accessible, powerful and affordable across a wide selection of industries, wireless sensor technology has become the standard measurement tool for top-notch companies to monitor a plethora of data points. These self-powered wireless sensor networks have an extremely diverse series of applications, from monitoring the power line temperatures of transformers to tracking the inventory in a…

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Artificial Intelligence

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: Driving a New Transition Wave

This is the first installment in our blog series that explores the growing prominence of artificial intelligence in some of the more important sectors of our economy. Read about AI in agriculture and education as part of the subsequent posts in this series. Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, machine learning, Internet of Things – these…

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wireless technology

Wireless Chipset: Upgrading Wireless Communication

The recent advancements in hardware and semiconductor sector have significantly improved the scalability and functionality of real-time embedded systems which is escalating the use of wireless chipset. The wireless chipset is an internal piece of hardware located inside a wireless communication system which allows two wireless-enabled machines to connect with each other. These chipsets are…

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